Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Art of Freelancing in the Digital Age

It may sound humorous but there is an art to freelancing in this digital age. If you get it right then you are sure to make tons of money. Seems rather like a joke. Yes, there people out there doing it and why cannot you and me put our hands down to some dirty work and see if we can get a fraction of what is to be made.

The first question which may arise in mind why go freelancing in anything, when one get a job doing the same and a monthly salary to keep you above water? That is true provided you want to be under the shadow of someone else and having to living under his dictates. If you could provide for someone else that only means one thing, which is, he is making money to pay you your monthly salary. If it were not the case, then he would bankrupt and you without a job.

This means only one thing, you are good with your job or good enough to make someone rich enough to live off you.

Fortunately, we are living in a digital age where the internet has become one of the most useful mediums of information. Using this channel, we can sell our qualities and talents to those who need them. It saves them money as they would need to pay less and you are paid more.

People search for serves on the net. It is the same as it was in the analogue days. If they did not know one, they looked up the yellow pages and called up one whom they might have though suitable for their job at hand.

Presently it is a bit different where they search for one on the net via search engines. Ninety nine percent of the time, they land into the net of your boss or the bosses out there as they have a web site to inform the world of their serves.

So freelancing without a site is generally impossible. You need one and you also need to optimize it in the search engines with the keywords related to your now freelancing profession.

Your site should informative which can be done mainly though the blog which is associated to your site. Get a web designer to make one for you and a freelance SEO writer to get the content written not only for your freelancing site but posts for your associated blog periodically.

Then again, to build trust in those who have hired your service once, send out weekly or monthly newsletters to them in order to consolidate the qualities that you have in your freelancing trade. This will help your freelancing become a brand as time goes on.

Except if you are a content writer yourself, this might become a burden for your, so the next best option is to hire a freelance SEO writer who would writer qualitative articles and content for your site, blog and newsletters. That would be a small price to pay to keep level in this digitally made world as without having your site in the right call up in a search engine, it just is a piece of junk in a showcase.

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Steven William Pitts

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