Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breaking the Circle of Life

The world is such a beautiful place or is it? That all depends, when you were born on the planet earth as the circle of life was bad back then, now it is even worse. We as humans have become trapped in a vicious circle of consumerism rather than the enhancement of the circle of it.

In the by-gone-days, we consumed what was essential for our sustenance and much what we see now would have been a luxury for royalties alone. Factually, what even the affluent used was more natural rather than the present luxurious of being synthesised.

All that we see around us has nothing natural in them, in fact they come from nature as they have not come from another planet, but the contrasting difference is that they come from the bowels of the earth, destroying the fragile ecosystem.

The top surface of the earth is toppled in a thousand different places so that we could have that mobile to play around with, the motorbike to drive crazily like a mad hooligan or a supercilious nerd in a car around which pollutes the atmosphere and the lithosphere with black topped roads.

Leave humans alone, their ratiocination of logic transcends the boundaries of an illogical mind, it is the other species which bear the blunt of this – the circle of life is getting eroded at an accelerated rate with each turning day.

Each organism, however insignificant it may be to be humans, is a part of the circle of life. A break in the chain is bound to have a catastrophic consequence and as the break in the chain becomes even wider, the consequence will too.

The reason for the break in the chain becoming wider is our ever growing want for something we already have. We are some of the most toxic consumers on this earth all because when we see something better we want to own it. The producers, who ironically, are after making more money, play into our passion. The demand is ever growing for the mineral wealth below the ground, all the will causing the widening of the gap.

We as humans have also increased in the quantities of food we consume. We do not care from where it comes to us as long as we have the wealth to buy it. Further breaking the chain as we give vent to a single species just to fill our bellies with greed as there has become an unnatural balance of what food is grown in what part of the world and which animal is reared in what part of the world.

If we do not role back our nefarious activities of being a consumerism society rather than the one who needs to acknowledge where and how what we buy comes from, then it is obvious we would be living on a planet just like Mars. We need buy a ticket to go there we can have on planet Earth.

Steven William Pitts

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