Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food for the Mind

A clear vivid brilliant mind is what all writers aspire for, as this gives him the power to imagine for his creation. This best remedy is food for the mind. When we talk about food, our first thought goes to the substance which we put down out throat through the mouth.

This is far from the truth. Food is the nutrient which we get from this substance to strengthen the body so that it could continue with life. A large part of which, is used by the brain.

The brain is one organ of the body which not only controls the activity of the body but also helps in thought. A better though comes when the mind is clear and fresh.

Clarity and freshness comes from the millions of chemical reactions which take place when we think. They come from none of the major nutrients but from the rare traces of elements combined with the major nutrients.

But all this is not a possibility without oxygen. Oxygen is another for the mind. It helps to remove the toxin which makes the mind slow, laggard and dull.

Getting these rare elements is only viable from vegetables and the greener they are the more you can expect from them. Do not forget fish. I have learnt that fish helps to give the brain much needed Omega acids which are said to have evolved man’s brain from primate to his logical one now. That is why he is different from the rest of the species on this planet.

To get the much needed oxygen, is exercise. When we talk of exercise, it means doing physical activity so that the body needs more air than when it is relaxed.

More air means more oxygen but it is better taken in a pure pristine milieu for in the present environment of city or town life, one can expect more harm done than any good this due to the heavy pollutants. They are even worse than the toxins which build up in our body.

The best means of getting this fresh food for the mind is by cycling in a forested area like I do. It really clears the mind and gives me the much needed oxygen.

Then there is the exercise of writing. Constantly write as it stores the order of the language. No one can learn anything by heart, the more one practises the more goes into the natural environment of his mind.

Finally remember that if you want to be a prolific writer and people do justice to your art, then food for the mind is very essential for your survival as one.

Steven William Pitts

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