Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Things in life cannot get anymore better with what is known as fragmentation. The world is exploding apart with issues rather than coming any closer as humans are supposed to. We, as the docile humans, are responsible for such accomplishments.

We have issues on every practical matter that exists on this planet and when we are not able to get our way with it, then the unity of issue becomes parts where we all begin to think in our own ways.

The laws of physics are unlike the laws which men make. Their laws cannot be broken in anyway. Trying breaking them and the result of it could catastrophic but on the other hand, man breaks every laws in the book without any consequence to his doings. He can live with the impunity while others are made to suffer because of it.

Much of the fragmentation stems from the fact that man is self centred and no amount of logic can make him see the light of the matter. This is the reason why the earth is abound in problems without any solutions to them. This is because of the ego which prevails in man.

Each human on this earth is self centred. He, even thought may believe in the ability of others, stills sees the earth from him being the centre. We can say that the earth revolves around rather than him revolving along with the earth around the sun and sun around other beings.

Can we actually break this fragmentation which man has inherited? This is a hard nut to crack just as cracking the sense which has been instilled in him. But yes, there is one way in which it can be broken that if all men can get the qualities of seeing other’s views just as equally as they see their own.

Love for the thought of others makes a vast difference in taking away the inequalities that exist in man. This is one of the primary reasons for so much of hatred that is there on this earth. People believe what is handed down to them to be the only existing facts and no other is as equal as theirs. This is what religion has done to humanity.

In the past when there was not a clash of civilization it was good, but now that we have closer – this has caused more fragmentation where one cannot see for an eye with another that come from a different religion.

The same can be said for ideology which stems from the cultural upbringing from the past. We only may admire what others have but will never adopt it as our own for its qualities. This needs to be enforced upon which leads to clashes among nationalities.

Finally a word of caution, fragmentation is here to stay with us for a very long time however closer we may get in trade, culture and economic. The only thing which can lessen the pains of it is for like minded people to come together.

Steven William Pitts

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