Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magnitude to Madness

A freelance SEO writer has many obligations on hand. The first among them is making sense of the magnitude of madness which prevails on the internet. This stems from the intricate way in which the world wide functions and some who have all the sway to deal how they please to do so.

The main culprits are the search engines. They have their own way of going about doing business. The larger they are the more they manipulate things to their own advantage. This makes the job of a freelance writer all the more difficult.

The primary concern of the search engines is to make money. This is done by the web sites in what is called paid per click advertising campaigns. They need people to use their search engines and hope that who do, click on the ads rather than giving priority to the search results which creep up alongside.

But these paid per click ads come with a price behind them. For each click that someone makes and is sent to you site, an amount is cut from a prepaid amount that you have made. They say that the conversion rate is as high as ten percent but there is no proof to back up the mentioned results.

Moreover, this in the long run becomes costly preposition. So the next best option is to get your site show up on the first page under what is known as organic search result. But the difficulty here is that all are moving in the same direction like a herd of buffaloes to a small pond of water.

This is the single reason that you got to get content written by a freelance SEO writer. He knows how the search engines go about the madness of rating sites to put them to the first page. He alleviates your suffering which otherwise would have you lost in obscurity.

According to many of those who have gone into this line, have a set pattern. The keywords which are written in your content makes the search engines know what your site is all about. They are not humans who what an analytical mind. They are a set of written programmes which obeys commands and sometimes they might not be in favour of your site.

So when it comes to freelance SEO writing one needs to keep it simple and adhere to the dictates of the algorithms which changes periodically so as not to make one site the hero of the search results. This serves two purposes. One it makes people come back to them and secondly it causes the scramble to get to the top, when things do not in favour, most will opt for the paid per click campaign.

There is always a reason to the magnitude of madness. We as site owners are just ponds in the big nefarious game which is being played with us.

We have no option but to go along or be left out in cold all because the world is gone digitally mad and no longer do things the old fashion way.

So content for the net is here to stay and if you have not magnified you site with content to move your site in the right direction of success. Then it is high time that you did so with a good freelance SEO writer.

Steven William Pitts

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