Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making a Mark

It is not easy making a mark for oneself in which people come to know and look upon you as a role model. This means doing something which people really want.

Achievements made which helps humanity comes in second place as most people try to mimic artisans from the film fraternity rather than any other sector life. This is because of the glamour that is associated with it.

People are allured to films as it gives a vicarious way out of life, where they might not be involved in what happens in the movies but by watching think themselves to a victim of the antagonist.

When it comes to making a making in the other fields of human endearment, it is only possible in a limited circle in which others may be associated in either the benefactor or the receiver. That is because either side has the economic benefit from it.

Only few people from history have ever made a mark in life and all of them have been people who headed the nation which they governed. Others during their time are hardly known of, that is because these people were chronicled as if they were deities where the rest revolved around their central being.

The same can be said in the present time, much more is known of those who rule – in most cases they are elected to rule, rather than those who help them to rule.

The same cannot be said of the film stars and sports personalities. They are looked up to and people try to follow everything they do. Why is so? The first thing that I can associate with this is that because of their work to be what they are they have become economical risen and have all the goodies of the world. People hope by following their styles and mimic their walk of life some of it may brush off onto them.

Besides this people want some excitement in life and want to be known so if they try to follow in the footsteps of these iconic figures them most probable they might rise to fame in their circle. This is somewhat like making a mark. Why? Because making a make, makes you recognized beyond your hang out.

Coming to actually making a mark, as we can see from the artisans which mimic off screen, these people roses from obscurity which I believe only came through hard work. Thus if you want the actual thing, then the only way that you can make a mark for yourself is via the same means.

But this does not guarantee that you will achieve success and fame. You need the grit to believe in yourself. Never follow others and only be your natural self.

The ending advices the strongest which can be given to you and if followed with determination, success in making a mark is sure to follow, even though it might make you famous.

Steven William Pitts

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