Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making the Limits

Delineating the limits, for which things ought to be done, brings about a harmonious relationship between man and man. Relationships between people break down when one overlaps the other. The infringement is the breaking down of a peaceful coexisting bond. Each needs it place and freedom.

In this world we come across so much of trouble, starting from nations, and right down to the micro level of humanity. What could be the cause for this which otherwise would have driven humans in a totally different direction?

Mistrust when one nation supersedes into the territory by making his ideologies, beliefs and economic policies supreme. It is like telling the next not to enter the house with shoes, while you do not do the same. Being superior in power only means one thing; you should begin by following your own dictates. This is easier said than done, all because one’s dictates are more difficult to follow than the next person.

Let us take the example of nuclear weapons; some countries believe that they have been given the god damn rights to possess them as a deterrent while others should not possess them outright. This is a matter of being bias with self righteous judgment. The limits of the line have not been properly drawn. I can possess one thing while at the same time you cannot.

Look at the talk of the much hyped idea of “human rights”, which is much preached of which basically takes of equality between humanity. Equality means to share the deeds equally as well. This brings in a fundamental question, “Has there not been disparity between nation to possess nuclear weapons as a deterrent just as others have and feel they have a right to possess them for their safety?” I need not go on harping on this top. It is clear for the blind to see that injustice is being done and has all along been done which has led to our present state of a disharmonious world.

Coming down to the level of the arena of the earth within pockets of humanity that is the micro level of life anywhere on this planet, we find so much of mistrust within families too.

The mistrust becomes so strong that animosity becomes the norm which also leads to the savagery of death by the hands of one on the other where love should have prevailed. I need not be taken as a liar – the newspapers are full of stories which transcend the boundaries of simple families but also brush the high and might in the social order of humanity. Why is this so? Man has some attribute which we call jealousy, desire, greed and most of all power to play on the will of another – he just wants his way. He wants to happen according to his wishes.

Finally to break the bonds of what humans are tied in, he need not look for the answer within himself as he will not find one. The best is to observe the animals. They have no boundaries, they have no ownership. They plainly live to exist just as nature made them to and how their evolved in her.

Steven William Pitts

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