Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Art of Writing as a Freelance SEO Writer

A freelance SEO writer is an important part of this digital age, especially when it comes blogs, sites, the social media or for you newsletters. Without his writing skills where he needs to appease both your audience as well as the search engines, success in the digital age would just be allusive. What actually do you need to know about your freelance SEO writer before you hire him?

Yes, you need to know much. This is because you site depends on him and your success in this digital age, else with your site you as well will out into obscurity.

What you should know about him. First of all, does he have creativity? Creativity is essential as it is with this skill that brings in the attraction to what people expect to read. They look for new and innovation which can tickle their imagination.

The next is proper writing. Creation alone will not work wonders if what has been created is not put onto paper which people understand. So what has been written should be readable. For this does the freelance SEO writer have the proper grammatical skills, not only to write in proper English but also to edit what mistakes may crop up while writing. Remember that no one is perfect.

The next is vocabulary. I strongly believe, that without an appreciable word base, it is difficult to disseminate and write. For if not then whatever has been created in words just becomes a piece of redundant writing.

Fortunately the English language is so vast that a good writer has the luxury of playing with words where he with them can force his way into the mind of the reader to make him think his way. But at the same time, if he tries to show that he too verbose, then some of what he writes might fly over the head of the read and make no sense at all. Here the writer is lucky again as the language has a vast base of figurative use of simple words when combined together gives a poetic feel to what is said and written.

Writing should be amalgamation of all which makes it a pleasure to read for the literate – who is not literate in our present world.

All what has been said above is especially for the audience which comes to your site. But this does not make the freelance writer having the SEO skills. He must be able to integrate a set of keywords in his writing without them being made to look out of place and which your site is all about. This is because you would not get any audience if your site does not appear on the first two pages of a search result. We need traffic as that is the fundamental to our success on the internet.

This is the main reason for the article. Get a freelance SEO writer who knows his job for you to be successful in this digital age.

Steven William Pitts

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