Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Driving in the Rain

How miserable it may seem driving back home in the rain? That is true all depending on who is driving and who is behind the steering wheel. It all comes down to ones attitude towards the rain.

Some people may not like it and yet their will others who enjoy it. All the factors towards it depends on the individual itself. But, if it was left up to me, I would say that on a hot summer day, it would be a pleasure as the rain would give me and the others in the car the spray of coolness and a relief.

But, the driver might think that a dry road would give his four wheels a better grip on the surface of the road and their would be no danger of skidding. That only means and accident. It would further obscure his vision of the oncoming traffic. Life behind the steering wheel becomes so much so difficult.

The same may be the circumstances at other times in life. Something may be comforting to one just as the rains may cool him off from the heat but the same thing might be a hazard for another who may be in the driving seat.

What may be good for one might be the same for another. There comes time in life that even though we may know the dangers of what we are doing, we have do it and also see to the safety of others who are sitting in the back seat and enjoying the comforts. We have to do it as we love those people and we do not want to see any harm come to them.

The comfort of the rain comes in the solace that we live for those and we take all precautions that do harm comes to them. They also have that faith in our ability to steer them through and they know it I am Mr. Dependable.

Virtues of our ability is the most precious of who we are and it is them when our true self come fore as to who we truly are.

So next time when you sit in your car and are driving in the rain enjoy the pleasure that others whom you love get from the solace that Mr dependable is in the driving seat to get the securely home to safety and comfort.

Steven William Pitts

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