Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nepal is going to do it again

The height of idiosyncrasy knows no bounds when it comes to Nepal. This is specially true when it comes to the repeated futile exercise of writing a constitution. This game of politics is rather the lollipop where each one wants to wear the crown. This is what it all boils down too.

This going on for the past half a century now whilst the sufferers are the mass majority of the folk back here in the country who do not have a voice to speak.

This time around the dirty game of it has shown its serpentine head again. The last one went down after millions of dollars being spent in vein which could have actually gone to making the veins and hearts of the people more economically viable.

This was not to happen. The constitution which was to be accomplished within a period of two years dragged onto to be finally thrown into the dustbin – not because the time was not sufficient, other nations had done much more in similar circumstances. It was that they were too many who had their own axe to grind.

It was more about who would wield the chair of power rather than the constitution being written. So each one agreed on everything just to disagree on everything. They knew that they had to get out of the boxing arena to cool down while funds will be collected for another show down.

This time around it has become two solid blocks. one who wants the election to be held, the other not as they are not in the position to sight the lollipop. Ten days before they can enter the boxing ring again. The ones who cannot get site of the lollipop have called in a general strike for ten days just later to hold it for one day and the remaining nine to be a simple transport strike.

This was foiled by the government. I mean a government that was not elected by the people but by the bureaucrats and I must say that they did a good job of it. They rounded up the people who were trying to enforce it and those people who hate these strikes. Yes, this should been the way strikes are foiled. This is a starting trend in Nepal it seems so.

Yes, coming back to the constitution which is yet to be written is another farce altogether. They people are actually not interested in a constitution. They are are more interested in how their lives can be made more easier with prosperity and economically better. They need industries. They need power to brighten their lives and run their industries. They do not need political bickering. They need justice to live a humanized life like many other parts of the world are doing.

But politician in Nepal have a way of making people think differently. They have their hounds to make political ideology the talk of the town and that it is necessary. I must say that it is only if it serves the interest of the people for whom it is meant but sadly that is not the case. Here it is meant for the politicians to be in powers to make their pockets more powerful.

Those who fall in line with the whims get a chance to draw salaries from the state coffer and the others lower down the orders get the privilege of getting jobs in the state run machinery which I must say is few and far between.

If the elections is held for the constitution assembly again for the second time, I have a strong feeling that it will not be any different from the last one. Further more I do not think that Nepal needs a constitution when they have a constitution from before the last one. All they need is a parliament which can make rectification to it so that it is more suitable to the time. After all their got their wishes of getting rid of the King to place a president who is ethnically not a Nepali.

Just as is the nature of humans they can be easily led astray when their stomachs are empty and they know fully well the most important thing is to get their stomach full again, but at the same time people in such circumstances can be easily led to believe that it would once their get the politicians to start the game of manipulation. This time around they will fill their stomachs again for the moment to lead them hungry for the remain time when they get what they want. That is lining their pockets with wealth.

Steven William Pitts

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