Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A refreshing drink of water

Feeling thirsty and no water to drink, just reminds me of a quote which I do not know who had first quoted it but I picked up somewhere from the lines of history, “Water, water all around and not a drop to drink of it.” Yes, the recollection of it comes to me now. It could have been said by Captain Cook, the person who had discovered Australia. I believe that it was found in one of his logs which had survived the perilous journey into the unknown.

The earth is plethora of water but sadly most of it is in a solution of water and salt. I remember the first time I saw in the sea and took some of the water in. I was puking for the rest of the day.

Yes, water which humans and other animals need to survive on which is called fresh water is only about five per cent of the total water on earth and nearly eighty per cent of it is held up in ice which is mostly in the polar regions.

There many places on this planet earth where one can go for days without the site of a drop of fresh water. Humans and animals cannot survive from more than a couple of days without this precious liquid.

But again people ought to be careful of what fresh water they are drinking because fresh water can even kill. That is if it is infected by those organism which are detrimental to human beings. They are gems which cause disease.

This is true especially in our modern times where most of this fresh water has been made impure which we as humans term as pollution. This is caused by the discharge of human waste from our cities and towns in the water sources. But far the biggest culprits are the industries which pour in vast amounts of toxic chemicals after the manufacture of their products for the economic boom of the contemporary world.

So if we come to see it, the five percent of fresh water which is supposed to be their on this earth can actually said to be only one percent at present. In fact the place where I live in which the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu water is a precious commodity. Ironically, Nepal happens to be the second richest nation in water resources, but nearly ninety percent of its population has to make do with no water or contaminated water.

From this we come to a fact that is as long as one man is allowed to quench his thirst, he will care two hoots about the next. I can say this with sincerity because the water is dirtied by else to make his profit while I have no right to get fresh water to quench my thirst.

Steven William Pitts

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