Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Exciting Challenge

It is an exciting challenge that will happen only if your step your footsteps in the right direction. The outcome of which might be either your failure or success. Either way that you take that makes one thing for sure, is that you are going to experience and learn something in the bargain.

A challenge becomes exciting when there are obstacles that we must encounter along the way. It is obvious that one who can over come them the best is the winner. This does not mean that those who fall way behind do not come out the winners too. They too win to a certain extend – they have just started the learning experience of how to go about doing the same thing.

I have been told and have read, that when a person kills for the first time. It is very difficult at first. This is precisely why all of us cannot become butcher, even though we all consume meat. The first time is the excitement which when repeatedly done over a period of time we become the matured killer and then killing another being becomes a piece of cake where we do not shred a strand of remorse.

Life is full of exciting challenges ever since our birth and whether we like it or not but encountering every one of them makes us better for the ones we are yet to come across. By the time we are on our own two feet, we will have the panache to face whatever is thrown at us. Failure is there which we must take as the same coin of success and with either of them we should not let it go to our heads. We should just go onto the next obstacle that is on the path of it.

Next comes the issue of making life challenging. There is beauty in every challenge. This is because the most exciting thing is the recollection of these challenges. They help us to strengthen our mind with both the joys and what we could have done differently so as to have the results different. We have exploits in life to tell others about and to our children. So much so that there are many jokes in life which people make is about, “What will you tell god when you go to heaven?” The true fact of it is that we are on this earth, to face the challenges as well as enjoy the bounties of it.

So live life to the fullest and enjoy every challenge which comes with it.

Steven William Pitts

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