Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Sun did not Rise

What would it be like if the sun did not rise forever the following day? What could be the cause and what would the effect on you and me? A horrible state to just imagine but there is a probability and just it does happen.

The sun one of the most important which we hardly take for its importance and it naturally happens to be there day after day. When this becomes the nature of man, he begins to do things detrimental to it, which when it begins to give out it backlash, we begin to get surprised at it.

A little bit of consideration on our part will see things in greater depth. We will begin to see the truth of the matter and will stop doing things to make it happen.

First of all the sun is the primary source of energy and all the rest are secondary as they have derived in one way or the other from it. As it is the only primary source of energy and the others such as stars are too far away even to make a dent in what the sun gives us, they are insignificant.

The secondary sources of energy are finite and will only last for that much of time and since the sun helps to cut down on its used and help also to replenish this secondary source when it is used. It will finish in a matter of days leave alone years that the expected figure is now.

The sun feeds life to practically every living thing on this planet we call earth. Thus if it does not rise the following day, life will will die like flies till there are no more flies on this earth.

It is time we pay due respect to this source of primary energy as it is not only sustaining us presently but has been doing so from the time the first life form came into being on this planet.

It feeds us, it clothes us and practically has given us all that we have at this time. SO it is unthinkable as to what will happen if the sun does not rise and I hope it does not happen in the span that humans exist on this planet.

Steven William Pitts

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