Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Written in Early Spring

Hi, all the readers to this post – now we are well into autumn which the Americans call fall. Yes, we have fallen into autumn. It is quite ironic to have a post written in early Spring, but that is the nature of thing which are at hand.

I think you have got me. Well, it basically does not make a difference to me if you haven’t as I can only tell you one thing for as start that we are at the end of October and will be creeping into winter. The chills of which can already be felt.

Nature seems to be alternating the part which it has taken over the past period of time. This time it seems like autumn but with a dash of difference. Autumn in our part of the world happens after monsoons which is a part of summer. After the down pours which is only the nature of monsoons, people expect the warmth of the sun’s rays, but the days seem sulkily like the second half of winter.

This actually breaks the spirit of autumn which for some happens to be the best season of the year for humans and animals alike, in any part of the world.

The question which would be asked for the reason for this, seems to be a bit paradoxical, for we should be asking such questions when we are the reason for such phenomena. We are the creator of alternation in our own lives by the activities that we are involved in. We are the makers of our own destination in which we are living in gloom.

I have taken the title from one William Wordworth’s poem "Written in Early Spring”. I am not going to rewrite the poem for you, but if you happen to a poetry nerd like me, then you can type the title in a search engine and it will lead you to links to read the poem for yourself.

All here I can tell you that Worthworth takes inspiration from nature as to how harmoniously the elements live with each other but in contrast we uses the refrain as to “what man is made of man”.

Yes, it is because of our activities that the earth is taking a different course which we humans have begun to notice differently from the time when we first conceived it. And, so will be the same for our children who will on further than us to tell a totally different story.

The modification which we have made to our planet earth is also different from the modification that my parents made and so did his parents made. The only thing different from the difference they made is that with each passing generation we are just accelerating to speed toward change.

The change which I am talking about is hardly positive and mostly negative. This is causing more damage to our earth which will only bring us to a point of total annihilation. The end of the world solely made at our own discretion.

Thank You

Steven William Pitts

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