Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting Post Written

We all love to post online which not only lets our readers know more about us but also helps to optimize our sites on the search engines. Writing posts is not always about optimization alone, there is much more to it.
Humans love to read something that they find interesting on the world wide web. This attribute stems from the time when the internet was not there. Here they used to rely mainly on books and the analogue media. 
So what people like to hear is what they already know - that is what they have already learned on their tongue. They need to hear or read of it from that angle alone. 
Writing is an interesting art, provide you are able to get all your acts together in the proper proportions. What one writes about comes about from the idea that is there at hand. Without an idea we cannot create upon. So the main part of it is the title. 
"Visit to Ireland" is the idea which I have taken out to write on. The first that I would need to do is to know something about Ireland as I am going to tell them something about my visit there even thought I have never been there. I need information about the place before I go about creating something thing of the post.
So to go about creating on a topic we need to gather information on it first. This means that we need to do research so that the information is factual and once we have the facts about what we are to write, then we can apply our imagination to it. 
Why do we actually need fact? This is because people understand thinks better is they are already used to it. It is the same as telling a child about an electron which cannot be seen under the most powerful of microscopes and yet it exist. People who teach this to a child first has to show some model of it that may be trillions of time larger than a electron which the child would call small. 
Imaginative of creativity can only be understood if a person has a frame of it in the mind of something similar otherwise it would just fly over his head. 
Yes, language that you use to write can be poetic but that is used more as a illusion to create fantasy in the mind of the reader to create a brighter picture in his mind. This is because word are actually translated to pictures in the mind. 
Here I would like to a give you something that your actually see the light of what I am getting at. Suppose a person who has never, never seen a pen in his life. Trying describing it to him. He may misconstrue you description for something totally different which he is aware of in his mind and has already seen. 
The true fact would be how people conceive what you have written. Some may see it in the same picture which you have written, and yet others may see it totally in some other way. 
Some when you write, you need to follow the pattern in which people understand a language only after the proper research being done and create the imagination that can be attractive to read.
Steven William Pitts  
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