Monday, November 25, 2013

Where Written Content is King

Where written Content is King

We do a lot to get ourselves optimized in the search engines, but it has got into the brain box of most that the art of SEO is out of the window and written content is king. Many search engines, especially Google is fed up with the practises that the so called search engines optimizers are up to, that they are now trying to bring in a sense of sensibility. Good.
Why would I say such a thing? That is because now “freelance content writers” would be in and the high and mighty so called, “search engine optimizers” would be out. This would only make written content king.
Search engines still need to run their search engines, this is because people need to find web site with the information they are looking for and the search engines cannot go out of business since the search engines optimizers cannot get rid of their scrupulous practises. They have only changed the game plan.
The game plan is that they will optimize site with content which is unique and different from the rest. The rest means, that much of the content which is out there, is either taken from a source or done up so that it is not plagiarised and made to seem original. The search engines know that is old wine in a new bottle. So it is the same old wine that a person drinks.
People do not want the same old thing and if the search engines just give them that, then the people might as well not use these search engines. If this happens the search engines are going to lose a large chunk of their revenue.
So, if I were in the place of the search engine, what would I have done? Answer me that one question. I would only try to protect my assets. It is only natural. People do not want the same old redundant stuff cropping up on the internet time and time again.
This is precisely why, the algorithm of these search engines are look at the written content for their answers. This brings us back to square one. The keywords from any content is taken out the same way and the other section of the site most of the time has lost its relevance. Things such as back links might get you into more trouble and links to other sites may not have that much of weight that it once had. So to be on the safer side it is better not to use them.
The only option left in hand is to fall back to the writer, who had lost respect to the nerds of this digital age, who believed they to be the high and might. History is repeating itself as it were because of the great maestros of literature that we are here. If it were not for them, then we would not have had we presently enjoy – the digital age.
So it would imperative on your part to get the best freelance content writer to start writing unique content for your site and blogs so that one day you would benefit from the organic traffic to your site.
Steven William Pitts
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