Monday, November 25, 2013

Money, Money Everywhere

Money, Money Everywhere

by Steven William Pitts

If you have to walk on the road that you notice, the high raised buildings, the glamour and glitter, the cars and bikes, and the shops which point to only one thing, that there is money, money everywhere, but unfortunately, it is in the hands of a few while the vast majority of people have to live in the shadows of it behind closed door, just creeping out so that others do not see their depravity.

Yes, this is practically true, that there is so much of money lying around in just the hands of a few people, who flaunt it to that extremes, that it makes one believe that wealth is on the flow. Ironically, the vast majority are not a part of it and at the same time their presence is not noticeable.

Why might you ask? It is not they do not want to be a part of the extravaganza of wealth, but the disparity does not allow them the luxury. They do not have the wealth and means to partake of it. Their life goes in obscurity of trying to make ends meet so that they can eke out a living and on it they have to sustain themselves so that a time may come when they can have a glimmer of hope to taste a part of the glamour and glitter. This is just a dream without cream.

Only few have made it out from this dungeon of being hidden as they system is in place to keep it that way. Who would be so vile as to lose the affluence of enjoying the glamour and glitter of life. If the system breaks down where everything has to be shared equally, then there is no meaning to having got to prominence.

The irony of it all is that the money which is flaunted by the few is actually made of the many that have to live in shame. It is like make hay while the sun shines. It seems the same as rob the poor to make yourself rich – the antithesis of Robin Hood.

How is this happening? This happens with what one calls “Free Market Economy” without government control. Those that have the means control the market and do as their please making money in the bargain from what little the many less fortunate. Those in power enjoy a share of it – so why allow a break from traditional ways of life.

When man is kept in economic subjugation there is no better way of controlling him. His earning are not enough to fed him live alone him paying the rent. While those who are living off him are able to flaunt what they have along with their children.

This is the case in Kathmandu as those who are depraved have no voice as they must live under the subjugation of what they pay their landlords, the market to sustain their lives and have no political say in the matter as their jurisdiction lies elsewhere.

This post was written to tell the true story of Kathmandu and how people are fleeced of their earnings by both the landlords as well as the market. The eyes can be deceptive to the money lying around as you must really go into places where people live as tenants, then would you really get the true picture of political impunity in the country.

Steven William Pitts

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