Saturday, November 23, 2013

The joy of being a freelance content writer

Many people think that being a freelance content writer must be a boring job. That depends on which side of the aisle you are on, just as I may think the same for another career, you would believe in the same way. It is naturally a human tendency to think that one thing is boring and another is exciting. As for me, there is joy in being a freelance content writer.
Here are my reasons for it. When I write, I am able to explore the depths of creativity and imagine things beyond my own capacity and eventually come up with a piece of written art for gratification. There is sheer joy in such accomplishment.
It is the same feeling which a cobbler gets after having repaired a torn pair of shoes that will live to see a couple of more days on the wears foot or the hair cut a barber gives that transforms the look of a face for the better. Why should not a freelance content writer be rewarded with the same emotions? After all he is as humans as the next man on earth who takes pride in the accomplishment rather than in the reward. That is secondary but essential.
Only in the case of a freelance content writer, it takes greater effort where the mind is drained both emotionally and physically for creativity comes at price. This price is the deep thought where he needs to surmise and think in the shoes of a cobbler or that of a barber – these elements of human careers that we take as low back to the high and mighty like kings and politicians. We needs to go into the brain of that individual only to see things from his prospective.
This is how we are able to write. A freelance content writer is a dog at one instance and the next a beggar, and then only to be an affluent figure of society. The cumulative of all three thoughts would create a perfect scene. Sounds ridiculous but that is the true nature of imagination only to make a piece of literature for human consumption.
The eventual reward is this for a freelance content writer when he complements the jobs of his written work. Have I written this? I started off with no idea what needs to be written. I have accomplished something which I though difficult in the start. A piece of advise here. There is nothing difficult in life if your put your mind to it.
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Steven William Pitts
A freelance content writer 
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