Friday, November 22, 2013

Freelance writing is a virtual career

Freelance writing is a virtual career, there is no doubt that. This argument will give one the judicious understanding as to why it is.
A freelance writer writes for people whom he does not know or has never met. Most of the time he gets his clients for whom he writes from his blog posts or site or from one of the sites which promotes freelancing. Ninety nine per cent of the time he has never met the person for whom he writes unless they become a bit friendly and like to become closer in relationship.
Most of the orders are done through the internet where orders are given from the clients as what he expects the freelance writer to write for him. In turn he does the deed for him and sends it to the clients again via the net and he gets his pay via the online payment portals. Barring for a few who may want it by other means.
The closest that they get to see or hear each other is via the chat sites like “Skype” or others. So anyway, it might be noticed that more that 99% of the time the freelance writer is behind his computer getting clients to work for, writing out on his computer, doing the necessary research, sending the work back for reviews, searching for new work, promoting his site or blog to get it optimised. So it can be seen that practically every part of his job is associated to the net and hence the virtual world.
This is not all, he may work in a virtual world, but he also has to think virtually – for he is writing for a virtual world where no one knows the next beyond the digital divide. So he has to think in the manner in which a digital device would think. For all the programmes that are made in this world, all are digital and so virtual.
So how would he write and think at the same time? It is obvious he still needs the art of creativity but he still creates it digitally and virtually for he has to see and feel how the other person behind the divides of bits and bytes would see things.
The job he does is by all means not easy. Having the writing skills to appease an inanimate thing is by all means not easy. If it were only to write, one can appease others, but to find fault in the work of writing is another things, this is what is happening presently. There are so many robotic software that are programmed to find fault in writer’s work and make them seem absurd, that even the maestros would have fallen into shame.
Besides the scrutiny that a freelance writer must have to go through, there are merits too. If one gets it right, he can have a comfortable income and can live a life of less obligation as that with one that a job at some organisation. Plus, he does not have to venture out of his home to get to work, as he does his work from his home saving him need for transportation and clothing as an office goer.
But since he stays at home, he becomes a bit lethargic and can come sickly for the lack of communication and exercise. So it it would be imperative that he takes some leave from his virtual world and meet people and get some exercise.
The best form of exercise that I would recommend for not only a freelance writer but for all is cycling for about an hour and a half in a green forested environment. It erodes that fat from the body as well as the mind gets fresh oxygen. When the mind becomes clear, it is obvious that you are able to think better and be more creative which will only reflect in your work.
It is always good as a writer never to work under duress and stress as this reduces the creative skills that you may otherwise be able to show.
Finally it would be nice to think out of the virtual world in which you live as a freelance writer and get into the world of reality at times.
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