Friday, November 22, 2013

A little ado about nothing

Do you like writing? I do but I do not know about you. In my job as a freelance writer, I have to write a little about nothing so I though well, why not talk about it. So here I am striking the keyboard away writing on the subject matter, “A little ado about nothing”.

What am I trying to talk about here to get sense straight? I mean to tell you in reality I know nothing about what I am to write but I do it out of sheer will of wanting to make sense out of it. It happens as I mastered the art of creative writing so that, when I now write, comes naturally to me.

How does one master a skill, especially one as boring as writing? That is true otherwise everybody in the world would have been writers and we  guys who do all the freelance writing work would be without jobs. In that case it is good for us, as we can earn a livelihood working from the comforts of our homes.

Mastering the skills of writing takes what is called the power of the will which otherwise is known as patience. If you first do not have patience then you cannot master this skills. Besides whatever educative qualities that one may have, you first must have the creative skills. A powerful vocabulary would also give you a greater domination over what you write.

Words help to play a significant part in expressing what we have in our mind. They manifest thought in a better way as much of what we want to say cannot be say with only a given set of words. We may be able to say what we want but what we say will only become monotonous to the reader. If that happens then you your creative skills have not been truly utilised.

This will only mean one thing and that is you are not so creative in the end. For if you were, then the reader would not have got bored off in the first place.

By now you must have understood what I am getting at, for I started of not knowing what to write about but finally ended up writing something that actually makes sense to you. I have written about something that I have little control over, but those who have more control over what I write are the readers as it from their appreciation that I can gauge the merit of my work which is ado of a little.

Thus the quality of what you write actually cannot be judged by yourself but by the reader. If he loves it, then you know one thing – that he going to come back for more. That is for the apparent reason that we write not for ourselves even though, we may have principles against the beliefs of what we write but we do it out of the sheer will to write.

Being in the league of those freelance writers, one must take stock of his quality which is going to be delivered to others. This is because, it is the others that are going to pay your for your work. I write in both esteems – for myself as well as the person who wants my writing skills to benefit them.

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