Friday, November 22, 2013

How far is the moon!

How far is the moon is a question which any child would ask his parents to the extent of harrying them? It would puzzling to the child’s mind to know that it beyond his reach even though it is within his sight.

He would want to own it as it looks smaller enough to be held in the grasp of his folds. How like children are some grown ups that would like to own the unobtainable. That is the nature of most people, the want to possess something which cannot be possed.

This characteristic of man makes him like a child. As like a child’s mind which has not developed to the capacity, so has the person who is looking to attain something unobtainable. This can only tells us one thing about that person – he has not left the stage of childhood.

On the other hand another school of though would like to refute what I have just written to say – it is because of this characteristic that sets him out to seek the impossible where many may fail in it but a few get through, to attain the unobtainable – like Neil Armstrong who managed to the reach the moon with a few others. He may not have had the childhood dream – but made that dream a reality that it is attainable if the right course is set in life.

This attitude does not make one a child if he seeks for the impossible. For those who sought the impossible have made the different things possible on this earth that we have presently.

Yes, that may be true and they went about it in a way that they knew that it was possible in their heart of hearts while the rest of the world thought that it was not feasible. But when things are in their current situation then obviously they cannot be attainable. For if a beggar wants a million dollars, he would have to invent an astonishing device or work very very hard and then may by chance get it.

Things that are attainable can be attained and those that are not under the preview of our intelligence cannot and if we try to seek it – then obviously it is the childish attitude playing in us.

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