Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knowing your freelance content writer

Knowing your freelance content writer is as important as having content on your site, blog or for a matter of fact any other reason. He should be able to capture the imagination of the reader.

Besides the reader, there is one other aspect that one needs to take into consideration, that is search engines. Is your freelance content writer capable of writing for the search engines as well?

Search engines are an important part of the digital age, most of the traffic that one gets comes from there, provide your site falls into the pages closest to the first one if not the very first. If not the exercise of your site would be similar to a white elephant.

So, is your freelance content writer that you hire capable of writing scintillating and coruscating content both for the person who gets the privilege of visiting your site or blog into a conversion and as well as putting the right amount of keywords for the search engines to optimize your site to the first page? That is something to ponder over.

These are some of the qualities which your freelance content writer must have. Number one – he should be creative. Without this qualities, it would be the same old mundane stuff which we find the other sites similar to yours. There would be no originality. Search engines do not like plagiarized work.

Next does your freelance content writer have the ability to write over a wide range of genre. I doubt any man or woman for that case can have an encyclopaedia of knowledge. Yes, but one who does, has a little of all and some more, in other areas. He does research to get the additional information and puts them into related context to make a master piece out of it, but never write toe for toe as this would only be similar to plagiarism. The reward for that would be penalization by the search engines.

Next thing which you need to take into consideration while hiring a freelance content writer are his written language skills. Does he have a proper word power – what is his range of vocabulary. Does only stick to words of power to make his work sound verbose and confusing? Is he capable of using the figurative part of the language which English is known for? How is his grammar skills?

An understanding of grammar is a tool in the kitty bag of a freelance content writer as it helps him to edit his work to that level of perfection so as to pass off to the as one understands the way language is used. Otherwise, a tooth brush would seem like a tube of toothpaste.

Finally, there is the part which is the difference in the way the language is used in various parts of the world as English is not like the other languages which stick to strict confirmation on its usage. Is your freelance content writer capable of taking the twist? If yes, then he is all yours.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer

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