Saturday, November 23, 2013

Down a Tortuous Mountain Trail

It is only a wonder that most of human civilization lives in the plains closer to bodies of water rather than in the mountains of the world. Not to say that mountains do not have their sources of water. In fact, most of them are the starting points for the water bodies which human civilization depends on.

Though the mountains have their astonishing beauty associated with them, they are rather difficult places to live in. That is because moving from one place to another is difficult which takes more effort than one would get while living in plain land.

Due to the lesser population, the natural flora and fauna have been able to flourish with relative ease. That is till humans have got the taste of the bounties which mountains can give them. They have become hotspots the world over to run away from the maddening civilization that humans are responsible for, bringing hordes of people to partake of its wonders.

They are the remaining bastions of freshness and purity of air and because of their tortuous trails and winding slopes have given vent to humans wanting to take the luxurious of walking. This is known as hiking or trekking.

The mountains all this to humans. It has become a roaring business for the few who stuck to the mountains rather than the plains to take the benefits of their lands. Why not while the rest lived in comfort and having spoiled the goodness given to them, now it is time for us to take benefit of what we have preserved for so long in the journey of humanity.

Coming to Nepal, a country where more than 70% of its terrain falls into some of the highest mountains in the world and the highest peak, mount Everest. There is a galore of trekking trails mixed with diversity of culture and ethnicity. The beauty of it all is that since it has not developed like the other mountainous countries like Switzerland, most of them are untouched by roads and the only means of transportation is by air.

This gives you virgin trails and as the title mentions tortuous trails where you are up one moment and down the next, giving you the much needed exercise from which now you cannot escape in fresh pristine air with scintillating and coruscating view of the Himalayan peaks in the backdrops.

This is one reason that Nepal is one of those destination that see the highest number of trekking tourist in the world. There must be a reason for it. People would spend their money where it does not matter. If you have not had the pleasure of making the mountains of Nepal your destination as a trekker then you have missed out one phase of your life’s journey.

Do not regret it later as it is never to late to make a trek in the tortuous mountain trails of Nepal.

Steven William Pitts

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