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A Trek to Mount Everest

I bet you must have heard of Mount Everest the highest mount peak on this earth. It is the highest place on this earth. Half the people on earth might not even know where it is as the name Nepal is not familiar with them. In fact, when a survey was taken have of the Brits thought that it was in Scotland, how ironic?

Mountain Everest lies in a country known as Nepal which is a land locked country and sandwiched between two well-known countries, India and China.

Mount Everest is in the Himalayan range of mountains that is one of the newest ranges in the world and hence has many peaks being over eight thousand metres above sea level. Would it not be wonderful to trek to the highest place in the world? Yes, it would but sadly you would not be able to trek all the way to the peak but only to the base camp where climbers get ready to scale the walls to the peak.

It is here that they get acclimatized to the terrain and to the high altitude by staying these base camps and doing a number of short climbs. So this is as far as one can trek from Lukla.

Lukla is the nearest airport from which you actually start you trek. You must get to it by plane from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, unless you want to take a two week’s hike – there are no roads from the capital.

From Lukla, it is a two hour’s walk to Namche Bazaar, where you should stop and get acclimatized to this high terrain or you are sure to be a prey of high altitude sickness (see the article written on this topic for a better idea), from there it is a couple of days walk to this base camp which obviously has to be done by a local guide.

In this part of the world you would find scanty vegetation and mostly the famed yak from which the local inhabitants known as Sherpa have sustained themselves for most of their period of time since they have lived in this harsh but beautiful land. They are friendly people and are always welcoming to visitors.

Presently, foreigners are not supposed to take the trek alone and have to obtain have to take the trek by a registered trekking company with the Government of the country. The cost of which would be around $2000 that excludes your flight to the capital city, Kathmandu and visa charge.

This is reasonable with what you get in return, that is the memory of having gone and stood in the shadows of the world’s highest peak and having brave the surreal landscape not to be found anywhere else in the world. Having done the trek once, only want you to do it again.

Why wait? It is a once in a lifetime trek for the trekking enthusiastic.

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