Thursday, October 17, 2013

Which direction is the Earth Heading in?

I never like to make comparisons but I always like to ask questions. This question I want to ask this time is, “Which direction is the earth heading in?”

The answer to that is, “I do not know”, would be the reply from any given person. All we can do presently is to make presumption from the present scenario which in any way predicts a bleak future, which does not presage well for the human race.

Who is to blame for it? No one else but humanity as a whole. In this regards we cannot blame each and every individual, but as a whole most of the humans are culpable. This is way.

We are told time and time again that because of our consumerism habits, we are laying waste to the fragile eco-system. Yet, what do we care, we cannot do away with the luxuries that the modern system of economics have given us. We have become addicted to it.

At this present time we are not only consuming more from the eco-system but also what lies below her. Because of the precious bounty of keeping our industries to continues churning out the goodies, we have causes massive destruction which is irreparable in a short span of time.

The world is the same as I knew it once when I was a child. I had heard of no ecological degradation or global warming or in that case green house gases. I knew the season as they show come. But at the moment, I cannot predict the torment that the following day’s weather would bring.

Why is this all happening? This is because we have destroyed the skin of the earth. The forests have given way for cities and large plantations. They are never replace or if they are then not with the same form of ecosystem which balanced life once in that place.

We extract the fuels that the earth had securely stored so that it could moderate the climate and temperature with the atmosphere for survival both for humans as well as other animals, but we humans have use it to pollute the once pristine air with our vehicles, industries and factories. We are using and polluting as if there is no tomorrow.

All this has made earth different from what I once knew it. Weather patterns have changed. The earth has grown warmer. Species are becoming instinct at a faster rate. Newer and newer disease are hitting each day’s headlines. This list of new happenings can go on forever.

What good has all this done? More and more people have come into the economic trap of earning and spending on a lavish life style as this lifestyle has just put us into a vicious trap of wanting the good things of life leading to the further exploitation of the earth’s resources and making her more and more denude of protection.

How long would the earth be able to bear this? I bet not too long as we can already see the destructive mode she has gone into and in the future it is going to get even worse.

All I can say that we humans with our ego of not wanting to turn back to the good old way is leading the earth to self annihilation. That is the direction which the earth is taking all because of us.

Steven William Pitts

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