Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wealth is Health

Wealth is health is actually the right way of saying the cliché. It is actually the other way around. Health is wealth, that it should be. Why I kept the title as I have done is because of a reason. I do not write anything without a reason.

Getting to what I am actually get at, I would like you to look at another cliché, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In fact in this modern world an apple a day might get you to the doctor. Ironic! Yes, because the food that we are getting these days are actually not foods that used to once grow.

In the hurry to make money, many countries of this world do not check the scrupulous practices of the traders. In Nepal for instance, apples are brought to the market by traders who put them in poisonous chemicals from batteries just to make the green apples look red and ripe and polish them in wax to give a glow.

The unwary purchaser buys and consumes this apple with the belief that it is going to do good for his health. In fact, he is slowing poisoning his body and eventually will be landing up in the doctor’s shop.

This is the same with all the vegetable and food products in most of the developing countries and there are no regulatory bodies to check and do away with these mal-practices.

That is why I have given the tile wealth is health. For one to by-pass this adulteration of food one must have money to buy the organic products with are pretty expensive an is not affordable to all.

The botheration of those producing food for the massive population of the Kathmandu valley are only profit orientated rather than supplying food for health. This is also the case of products in shops.

The hue and cry made by the government of the country that they are doing anything to curtail this mal-practice is just an eye wash.

Buying and eating spinach in the valley makes me think of being a cow. It is so expensive but the cheapest of the vegetables but has the taste and texture of grass. I know the taste of good spinach with I get in my wife’s village. There is chalk and cheese difference.

Eating food which makes you healthy is a far cry in Kathmandu as it seems like right from the meat to the vegetables are all adulterated and the one purpose of it getting to the market is to make a handsome profit specially for the traders.

Finally, if you want to stay healthy in Kathmandu and I bet in other developing countries, you first need to be wealthy for it is this wealth which can safe-guard you health by paying for the expensive organic food and the doctors medical bill.

Steven William Pitts

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