Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strange Act of a Dark Sky

I have always been writing on topics closer to my business interest for the internet which is freelance SEO content writing but now I want to divert from this line on this post and write of something more interesting so I made up a fictional topic known as “Strange Act of a Dark Sky”. I do not know how much of justice, I am capable of doing to it as I needed a topic for what I am to write about and the inspiration for it came to me from looking up into the northern sky while it is still sunny in the place I sit.

While a kid, a strange phenomena used to occur. The sky used to be overcast with black clouds and it used to begin raining and the sun used to be in full glare. I used to question my elders as to the reason for this and used to get the clich├ęd reply that this usually happens while the jackals dance to the wolf’s wedding. This was usually done done to keep a small child happy and any logical explanation would only be to further questions.

The hows and whys would go on incessantly and there is no better way in which to keep a kid happy than to keep him in a mystic land of fairy tales. I have long gone the age of even running after girls and have a son of my own. I understand the reward it gives me to keep him in this mystic world. I do not know the truth behind such phenomenon now and much more in depth.

Strange acts of the dark sky doe not necessarily mean that it rains while the sky is dark and the sun shines from the eastern angle where it is cloudless. The dark clouds can also do much more.

A neighbour goes out after a heavy down pour only to find his crops around him withered away half eaten by the soaking rain. He believed that it was a curse put upon him for god must have seen him a sinner.

How hardly wrong was he. He was not the only sinner, but the whole magnitude of his kind. Even to the ones that regularly visited church, the temple or other religious places.

The dark clouds had just blessed his plant with acid rain. As I said earlier, that he and his like abiding citizens had sin while going to their places of worship. They by their habits had polluted the atmosphere with all kinds of toxics that the pure water while reaching the earth below was diluted to a form of acid.

His plant were showered with diluted form of acid not the purest form of water. Yes, the sin that we do creates its repercussion while we are alive on this planet and not after we die as it is made to believe by the religious.

It the past the acts of the dark sky were welcomed, but in the present age we do not know what acts of destruction would be brought by it. Back then it brought cool rain to give life to mother nature but there is hail and landslides and inundation to accompany it.

The dark clouds are accompanied with other forces of nature have turned out to be a battle for humanity. This can be justified by her. She would obviously say that I have given you the earth to live on but what did you do? Alter it to make is more suitable for you fun whilst breaking the balance which I had from the beginning been maintaining.

The understanding that we get from the dark clouds at present are that they are no longer welcomed as they once were. We are the only ones to be blamed for it. We have caused the destruction of this planet earth and what can we expect her to give us in return. Nothing else but terror till she wipes out the human animal to build her ecosystem all over again.

Steven William Pitts  

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