Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Singing Bowl

The Sound of Harmony

Have you ever sat in a forest far from civilization away from the hustle and bustle of cacophony, just being mesmerized by the pitter, patter of rain raindrops against the openness of your mind and destination of fate and then hear the tinkle or the chime of a goat in the same situation as you are in. That is the singing bowl. A bell around the neck of a goat.
Singing Bowls is the terminology used to categories what is known as bells in the western part of tintinnabulation. Either part of human civilization both have harmony and inverted the same – one faced up and the other faced down. The common in both have significance in the history of the journey they have had in comforting human soul.
As a freelance SEO writer, I have at times taken comfort from the metal sound that are given out by in a regular wave and since it has given me such comforts in turbulent times of noise, I find it my business to investigate it in depth. This is the conclusion which I have come to, which in no way makes me an authority on the subject, but this is what my analysis brings me to.
Sounds are made for differently people and that people take to sound according to how they are accustomed to it. A person who has been brought up where these singing bowls have originated from, may have heard by folklore that they were magical instruments with healing power but when put to the task will be agitated and irritated.
They have got the influence of noise which they call music from what they want and do not understand the value of anything else. This can also tell you about their presence of mind. Others if they know of it are influence by the materialistic value of it in our present age of consumerism.
Each metal has its unique way of emitting sound. Anyone who has been in the business of smelting metal will tell you that, so there is no prescribe mixture for a proper Sing bowl or for that fact a bell that chines like the Big Benn. It is all about the acoustics. The Big Benn can be heard across London.
Metals to give sound need to have the wine of age. The need to beaten in till they bring every grain of juice and then put into a vat to age over time. The older they get, the better the taste just like the tiger dancing to the comforting sound of a deer near him with a bell to welcome the presence.
A bell or a singing bowl once moulded cannot be reshaped, it is just a family possession – just like a person loses his family once he is ostracized, the same justice is done to a singing bowl or a bell.
There are no original singing bowls just as there are no bells. What there are, cannot be sold. You can only get the replicas. The sound gives you some comfort just as the rain in the jungle with a goat in the distance with tintinnabulation from around her neck.
Steven William Pitts  

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