Saturday, October 19, 2013

Australian Bush Fires

Australian Bush Fires too early this season

Yet again it is back to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere but the people of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales were in for a surprise. The Australian Bush Fires caught the Australian people from the region off guard.
Australians are used to bush fires which are a natural phenomenon in this region since the continent Australiasia came into being. The internal part of the continent hardly gets any rain and is mostly arid. Because of this, whatever moisture reaches the inner portion gives vent to parse, stunted growth of vegetation.
The natural burning of the vegetation is actually an occurrence in the summer months of that hemisphere and by the time the moisture builds up which is brought in by the different trade winds with the change in atmospheric temperatures, the fires are doused out just to give the natural fertilization to the unique forms of life found on that continent.
For time immemorial the aborigines – the real people of Australia lived in relative harmony with their milieu, taking that much which was necessary to survive.
This was altered with the arrival of Captain Cook and the white settles later to subjugate the natives into bondage and servitude. With them came their technology, commerce and ideology which made them one of the developed countries of the world.
There cared two hoots or even rationalized as to how the natives managed to survive not on the coastal parts of Australia but in the interior of it. The interior part was to be exploited for the mineral wealth which lay below – for what use would a piece of waste land do for the economy.
Presently, Australia produces some of the largest amount of minerals and coal in the world. This mining has given such a large country which has one of the smallest population densities in the world immense power to not only pollute the environment in adjacent to it but the world over.
I exports coal and copper to China and the rest of the thriving economies. It is culpable for polluting and warming up the earth’s atmosphere, so what should have happened in Summer came about in spring.
Fortunately, for the country, since they being a developed country, have the technology to counter it, but till I was capable of writing this article more than 180 homes were incinerated and the investment put into them could economically run into hundreds of billions.
There is a lesson to learn from this incident which may be shrouded off like a pinch of salt as the incident dies down. No country of person is immune from the damage which humanity ahs done to planet earth. Once we destroy her with her digging and disembowelling her, she is going only to show her attitude in a more differently nasty way.
I hope the Australian people have learnt something from this and make amends. As the aboriginal how, or have you brainwashed their way of life too. If you have, then the Australian Bush Fires may be a winter phenomenon in your hemisphere.
Steven William Pitts

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