Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Elements of Freelance SEO Writing

You might be wondering what it takes to be a freelance SEO writer. There are some elements which if we adhere to, we can well be on our way to becoming one. The foremost thing which we should keep in our mind is, that we should have dedication to the art which we can learn from our mistake. It is just the same enthusiasm that any other art takes. Tentatively, this is what it takes to be a freelance SEO writer.

Understanding SEO

Even before we can start writing, we need to understand SEO. As you might already know SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. This is a digital art where one using techniques that to increase the appearance of a site and its pages in search engines when a given keyword or keyword phrase is typed in. The closer one’s site is close to the first page the greater is the flow of traffic.
Beside many other aspects of the sites, the search engines look for keyword in sites, which is usually a cluster of one, two, three or four words. As a freelance SEO writer, it is your duty to put a proper amount of those keywords in the content your write to make the search engines understand that is what the site is all about. The keywords are given to your by the person who is responsible for optimizing the website.
If you other aspects of optimization, which is not all that necessary, you would need an optimizer to give you the keyword but in fact do the keywords analysis yourself?


Since you would be writing as a freelance SEO Writer, you would need creativity. Search engines look for original work and work plagiarized from other sites would in no way help to optimize the page. Instead your site could be penalized and you as a writer would lose faith in the eyes of your client. Yes, no one is all knowing and need to understand the subject he is to write for. He needs to do research and understand and write in his own unique way.

Word power

As a freelance SEO writer, you need to have good vocabulary – not only words of power to make you sound verbose but the way people talk the world over. The phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions make one express oneself better. Words give you the power to express creativity by magnitudes.
Figures of Speech
Figures of speech help to break the monotony of language and make it sound more musical rather than the boring lawyer styled speech where every word means precisely what it is. Fortunately in English there are plenty of them and all good writers use them, why should not a freelance SEO writer use them. I believe it will only put the alluring factor into what he writes. After all you are trying to sell a product after getting traffic to your client’s site.
Grammatical Skills
Grammatical skills are very much essential for a freelance SEO writer, he should be able to analysis his writing and know how to make rectification to error which might cause ambiguity in what he writes. If what we write is not according to the set rules of the language then what we want to imply may be taken as something totally different.
Finally a good freelance SEO writer is not afraid to experiment with his writing as long as he could use the necessary keyword in what he writes.
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