Monday, October 21, 2013

Hit Wave

Have you been hit by a hit wave? Yes, I would want to – this is if you really know what I am talking about. Who would not tons and tons of traffic to one’s website. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most out there but yet the dream of making it big comes from those who come to our site in droves.
Fundamentally, it can be done and that is if you know how to go about doing it. But how? Let’s think over this million dollar question. How does much traffic reach any given web site annually? That is by the traffic come from the countless web site known as search engines.
Anyway the traffic which comes from these search engines is actually lopsided. Why might you ask? That is because people who use them, which is most of everyone or ninety nine per cent of those who use the internet the world over do so as they do not want to type in URLs looking for what they have on their minds.
The search engines in other words alleviates people of search for information which is done one a person types what they are looking for which is referred to as keywords. The search engines spit out thousands of pages where usually each page has about ten links to site along with a snippet of what the site could usually contain in it.
Now one must understand the human nature. They do not want to hunt each of those thousands of page and most do not go beyond the first page. If your site happens to be on the first page, you link has one in ten chances of being clicked upon.
So if a hundred people view that first page, your probability of getting ten people to visit your site. That is good which if you had to get ten visitor from a paid per click advertisement and you had to pay for one dollar a click that mean ten dollars down the drain if you do not make a sale.
When I first mentioned lopsided because more than ninety five percent of the traffic goes to only a fractional of the millions of sites out there which can be in the value of 0.01% - really in the negative side of things.
Since people need these search engines which they believe saves them time, they care two hoots to even think that there might be better sites out there beyond the first and second page. If you happen to be on the third and fourth, chances of getting traffic from the stands at about 0.00001%, sadly.
The best option is to do what all are doing and that is try to get your site optimized.
Search engines basically help to get an idea of your site by the keywords which they find after crawling your site. This helps them to understand your site and them place it in favour with the others having the same keywords.
The keywords are got from the content written on your site and a freelance SEO writer helps not only to write content for your audience but also place the necessary keywords so that in the long run you get optimized.
Get one now and see the magic he could do for your site.
Steven William Pitts

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