Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Categorically speaking when we consider rights, the first thing which comes to mind, you or someone being correct in what one does. By far rights in the modern world have a far reaching consequence especially because we live in a legally tangled world.
There are thousand and one rights presently which far exceeded there being rights at any given time in human history. The only person who had rights was the owner of the land that goes by many names but basically can be termed as the king. Yet, rights where there till he was able to exact control over the land he ruled till someone more powerful was able to overthrow him.
The basics of rights are human rights which may differ from country to country and to some order dictated by the universal rights enshrined in the United Nations. It is more a directive rather than an order where member states need to strictly adhere to.
Besides Human rights which are fundamentally rights to life and being discriminated against, there are rights dished out to animals. I find these rights more necessary than even human rights.
This is because with human rights makes man more powerful in order to exploit the earth which eventually does not only away with what the earth once was, but also destroying it and humans and animals. In fact I find that this is an irony. Humans are animals and so there should be a separate right for them but a common right for all animals including mankind.
Why this is necessary is humans should like the animals they make instinct by taking away their habitats all in the name of economic rights, rights to dwell, rights to food have made the rights seem stupid.
Taking an ambiguous approach to rights, where one actor in it, can possess an object where as another actor cannot. This sound ridiculous – The United States takes it as its right to thousands of tons of nuclear weapons in its arsenal all in the name of protecting itself, but those countries who aspire to use it as the same deterrent do not have the right and can face punitive action by the United States and its allies.
Besides than having rights which actually seems to be lopsided in its approach in how it is disseminated among people and countries, it would be better known as “Order of human existence”. This is because you have that many rights in the class in which you are. The president of a country has the right to live in a palatial home given to him by the state other of the resources contribute by the people but a penniless person has to make do with the benches of a park – that is his right to exist. This seems a mockery of the fundamental principles of rights.
The next which we can see a mockery made of is – animal rights – it is more on paper rather than in deeds. Animals can be slaughtered in name of food and can be reared in horrible circumstances, but some other animals like dogs and cats are given privileges that are better than the existence of some humans living on earth. This should be more termed as privileges for loveable animals.
Finally what is in legal terms called rights is just a man made farce so as to prove that certain section of society from some countries can use it to show dominance over others. This is plain hypocritical.
Steven William Pitts 
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