Thursday, October 24, 2013

Decapitation on Social Media

There is such hypocritical justification by law of the so call countries that propagate the freedom of expression that videos of people being decapitated by extremist cannot be uploaded to social media. But, at the same time, insults against religions can be.
The first case that I would like to make is the previous election in Iran. People who were not happy with the results posted videos of the atrocities of killings to control the unrest. The government of Iran did not think it appropriate to block the internet. It wanted the world to know what it was at. That has gone over many years.
Coming to videos of unrest in their own countries, if uploaded to the social media sites is not allowed. They allow the dissents of another to do so but the dissents of their own country to show the extremism of their own country.
Many may argue that this would have a bad influence on society and children as a whole. That is true, but at the same time movies and video games don’t they have a greater repercussion on the mind of people. You can see many of the shootings in the United States as a result of this.
Hypocritical I must say. There is a set of standards to suit one player but not another. It seems a dictatorial policy of “Do as I say but don’t do as I say”. A video uploaded on YouTube portraying the Prophet Mohammad of how is not to be depicted is a blasphemous act. For the Christians it may seem normal to show their founder in any lights – either positive or negative, cannot in anyway be the same in other religions as sacrosanct. This is just playing with the sentiment of others.
Lately, what I learnt that the social media “Facebook”, will allow the videos of decapitation if it is posted by others. What is the difference if it is posted by the people who do the deed themselves or by other? The graphics happen to be just the same – someone’s bloody head is being chopped off. A crime of death is being shown.
Either way we get the pleasure of seeing it and in both ways the elements of terror will get their message out there, to the larger masses. Furthermore elements who want to do a deed will do it and that still instils terror in the heart and minds of humanity, just this time we can see the act and also be aware of it. Terror has become a fairy tale and a common usage in the hands of the few who want to make a mark so much so it has become trait on the tongue of some.
The next question which I would like to ask is, “What is the differences between decapitating the head of an animal that human consume and that of a human who can be hateful at times on video?” The graphics are just the same with bloody spurting in all four cardinal directions and the dying pain is felt in a flick of a second.
Finally decapitation should be allowed on social media just as any act of human modes of living irrespective of sexual, violence or hate then only can the freedom of speech be rationalized. Making it a privilege for one domain and not for the others just brings a sinister motive in those who have in their folds.
Steven William Pitts
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