Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can Rape be Justified?

Can rape be justified, is a question which always haunts my mind? So I am putting this question forward to all those who have taken the time to read this post of mine on this subject matter. This is how I take the issue.

Most of the perpetrators happen to be men, but this does not mean that women are immune from rape. Rape has become a big issue in the contemporary world, not to say that it has increased in intensity but because the freedom or speech and the media makes it seem so just as all other issue so much so much of which would not have been demonized in the past, happens to be now.

This is the very case with rape. More and more stringent punishments want to be heaped on the perpetrator rather than trying to understand the root cause of it.

Recently the Indian parliament, had passed harsher laws trying to curtail the rate of rape in the Indian capital and other cities of the country. I do not know how far are they going to go about curtailing rape in this fashion.

Have they really understood why rape actually occurs in society in the first place? I can say flatly no. Rape is basically one of the sexes trying to release the sexual urge which all animals have in them. Most of the sexual activities taken on mutual constant is not called rape but agreed sexual acts. This does not do away with the natural urge given to man.

If he is deprived from the act, it is only natural that he will act just as another animal will. He will force himself on the oppose sex.

In our world and specially in the Indian cities, women are coming more and more out of their homes and taking occupations. But, at the same time they dress in such a way which accentuates the sexual appeal in them. This only causes a greater urge for sexual release in those who are deprived and they take the steps to what is called rape.

Further more the feminine gender in India is to blame for this so called increase in rape which I feel from extinct was greater in the past but more hidden. The demand for more males rather the females have chanced the ratio of females to males. So much so it has become a difficult time for males to get married off in the Indian society.

Further more the death penalty put on rape is a bet too extreme because at times when the male in under stress which in a way is cause due to society, death can occur in this fantasy. And, as a rule the death penalty is given under the rarest of rare cases and if it is put on the death of a rape which, it just shows one thing, that the government is succumbing to the wimps and cries of their own people who do not understand the basic of human sexual psychology.

Making harsher punishments and laws are not going to do away with rape. It will be there for ever until mans sexual urge is done away with or human civilization becomes instinct. The most we can do to control it is to control the way women dress in society and make places for those who want to release their sexual urge. In those countries where prostitution is legal, we hardly hear of rape that much. It is only the mentally sick who perform these activities.

So it is high time a case study is make of rape in society and how best we can lower its rate, specially in the South East Asian Countries.

Steven William Pitts

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