Thursday, October 17, 2013

Freelance SEO Writer

Understand who you are hiring as a freelance SEO writer

Getting content written for one's site has become a prerogative specially in this digital age, but getting the proper freelance seo writer is still a more difficult job. Knowing if you have got the correct guy is not going to be all that easy. 
I have long been associated with the internet and have learned a lot about it. There are more charlatans out there than the guys whom you can trust. Fiction is stranger than facts as you are more likely to be taken for a ride with the smiling face. 
There are many out there who want to make a quick buck, and there is no easier way than to portray themselves as a con artist. The internet are full of them. 
How would you know if you have got a proper freelance SEO writer? I must say that it is not an easy job, specially if you are on the hunt for one to write for you in English. Practically more than half the world speaks in this language, but most of them do not use it as their mother tongue. So they give second importance to the language. 
Most of these so called freelance writers are peddling their ability to write in a language which they take as secondary and which has come more about as a compulsion to learn this international language. This does not mean that all of them fall into the same category. There are some good and honest Freelance SEO writers out there, even thought it might not be their mother tongue they are writing in. 
The most critical thing about one, is his ability to write and communicate in the English language. The English language has grown by leaps and bounds. So a freelance SEO writer, beside putting the necessary keyword into what he writes, should also have the ability to write for those people who come to pay your site a visit. 
So he or she should have impeccable language skills and he should also know the variation between the different language forms used among the Americans. Australians, English and others. Each have developed the language in isolation and according to their own ways. 
Besides this, his writing must also have the creativity side to it. It has to have the convincing factors which should result in a sale. That is the ultimate goal of actually having a site. 
Further more, he needn't be a search engine optimizer but should understand to an extend how it works and how the internet goes about indexing and profiling sites. This job is basically left to an SEO. The primary concern of a freelance SEO writer is to put the necessary keywords in the title of the article or content and not to have more than a certain ratio of the keyword that you want the page to get optimized under and also to write convincing, original and non-plagiarized content. 
To know more of what a freelance SEO writer can actually do for you, check and see if he has a blog or a blog site and how he goes about writing. This will give you a clue about his originality. 
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