Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Search Engine Optimization

We cannot live without search engine optimization if we want to survive in the digitally competitive age. Just as the computer was made to expedite and make things easier. It has made life easier for those who understand this complication. In one word the world wide web is a complicate place.

People have gone addicted to the different digital devices which has in reality caused all this complication. These devices have made life easier for them as they can do more in a less span of time. This has made them impatient where they would rather type in a word to find its meaning rather than shifting the pages of a dictionary.

The internet has thousands of sites which again in the past a person used to type in the URL physically into a web browser, but presently, he types into the search box of a search engine. This has made it harder for web site owners to get traffic to his site unless he takes to search engine optimization in order to get his site in the first page of a given search query.

This is not an easy job. There are many elements which one needs to taken into consideration. These considerations are actually dictated by the search engines themselves. They periodically change their algorithms – a programming made by the search engines to crawl and get the different requisites by which it profiles the sites and get the keywords from the sites.

This constant change makes it difficult to make one’s site adhere to the search engines but one thing which happens to be quite constant in a search engines profiling is the written content.

So the fundamentals of search engine optimization is what is written in the sites. Where do we find what is written on a site. First the title of a page, next is the URL, next is the meta description, then the h tags and finally the actually written content. If you could place the keyword in all of them where you want the search engines to profile that page in then you have done your job well in search engine optimization.

Yet, there is a limit to which you could place the key words in total. It should be over a certain ratio to the total given words. In Google, it is taken as high as 6.9%. If it is over this density, then the search engines believe that you are trying to force your way up to the top and you can get penalized.

Use a proper program, where it can monitor the different elements of what you have written. There are many such free programs. I use a program called “Yoast” and it helps me to get the job done. Search engine optimization is actually not all that difficult if actually understand how it is done.

Best way to get your site optimized is to get a freelance SEO content writer and he will help you to get the content ready both for your site and your blog as well. Remember that a blog is important as you can keep on adding post and articles which provide weight to the primary site.

To find our how I could be of help, please do not hesitate to use the contact page on this site. I with my writing skills will surely help in getting your search engine optimization dreams come alive.

Steven William Pitts

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