Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why Optimization

Why optimization would some of you ask? As a freelance SEO writer, I must tell you that it is very essential if you want a load of traffic to your site?

Traffic means sale of whatever we might be peddling from our site. Gone are the days when we ran down to the stores or shops to make a purchase. People have got lazier as the internet has given them this privilege.

When a person want to make a purchase or garner some information, the first thing that they would do is to open one of the may search engines. The one which gets the most openings is the search engine known as “Google”. Here thy type in the keywords of the information that they are looking for. This brings up a list of sites that have that related keywords.

Those site which are on the first page of the search results get the lion share of the traffic. Why optimization you may be asking again. If you do not try to optimize your site to get it to the first page of the search result under your preferred keyword words, the I can tell you one thing for sure. This is that you are not going to get any traffic. No web traffic, means no business.

The big question which may arise – how to get our sites optimized and what is web site optimization? I will start with the second one rather than with the first. Web site optimization is the technique in which a person understands how sites go about the business of making sites display in a certain order. The second one actually one is longer still.

To get one’s site optimized, one should listen to the policies of the search engines. But basically they put your site in order according to the keywords that they get from your site. These keywords come from the written content which is from your site. But one should over do any specific keywords as then the search engines believe that you are trying to force your way in and then they will penalize you. If that happens then your dreams of getting optimized, will go down the drain.

It is always best to leave the job of optimization to a freelance SEO content writer. He knows the art of writing  for both – the search engines as well as the people who come to visit your site through this optimization; there is practically no other way to get traffic.

This is the primary reason web site are spending money on trend which lead to optimization and SEO content writing. I know it for a fact as I have been in this line of business as a freelance SEO content writer and have come to learn the true reason why spend this money.

If you are not already into it them it would be rational of you to begin before its too late. Search engine optimization is here to stay and the least you can do is to get a proper freelance SEO content writer.

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Steven William Pitts

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