Monday, October 14, 2013

How to make money online

Ever wondered how to sit back comfortably at home, not having to leave the doors of your home and make money online. You might have come across, many sites which help to give you the means of doing so. What do you think, can you actually make money online?

The answer to making money online is a big no and also a big yes. It all depends on how you go about approaching it. 99% of those who set out in this path, have never made a cent if you come to see it in the true light but instead are the ones to lose and fall heavily into debt. The only ones that have are the remaining 1%. They make it from the 99% of idiots out there.

Yes, the 1% make their money online playing on the psychology of those so blind of getting something so easily and are drawn into paying the 1% per cent to learn the art, all the while they are luring more people into the trap of paying the one per cent. By the time you learn your lesson, it is too late, for the damage has already been done.

After paying the person, you will be made to do his dirty work. In most cases, you will be posting adds on your face book or making more accounts and sending out mail and your would need to show proof of the work which will take a long time to accomplish and further drawing into your resources such as you having to pay for your internet and electricity.

Some of the site that you are made to go to also spoil your computer so much so you get fed up and drop out knowing to late the scam that you were inveigled into. Only few are able to accomplish the task set down by the one per cent and at the end of it all you are paid practically nothing.

In one word, it is all a gimmick and a circle in which they play. Here is my advice, it is better to be safe than sorry. But if you are still in the mood of making money online. There are way that you would need to invest and sell products online. You can become and online shop and sell products to people directly.

For this you need to invest money, have a site and get the site optimized in the search engines. This needs a lot of effort and time. As I say, that nothing comes easily in this world. There are no free give away.

Finally do not be taken into the sweet words of that which you see on the net. Remember, there is no such thing as “make money online”. You just make money for others online. To make money online you really have to work hard after spending much.

Steven William Pitts

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