Monday, October 14, 2013

Proper Content is a Must

Content written Needs Quality

There is much hype regarding SEO to get one’s optimized in the search engines, forgetting the humanistic part of it. So much so, when the visitor arrives, your site does not make a conversion. Proper content is a must if you want that to happen.

Humans are still humans, even though they use digital devices. That does not make them any more robotic like the devices they use. The written content needs to still play into the heart of a person and then only will he be captivated by the product that you might be peddling.

The convincing factor is a must in what one writes for his site. People love to hear praise in what they are considering buying. If that is not there, the lustre factoring is removed twice over.

Yes, it is necessary to get traffic for that to happen in the first place, but once the traffic gets there and the content is not convincing enough, then there is no fruit to the traffic. It is you that might as well start all over again.

So it would be imperative to begin off in the proper way in the first place. Both the side should be in equal equilibrium. One without the other is going only to make your site a total fiasco. As I said initially that proper content is a must. That is what I shall say till the very end of this post.

For you to get this content written, it would be imperative and only rational to get it done by a proper freelance SEO content writer who makes it happen both ways. He should have the capacity to write so that your site gets optimized in the various search engines and at the same time it should attractive enough for it to have the convincing factor in the mind of the visitor.

Making things happen two ways is easier said than done. It is only possible by a freelance SEO writer who has these unique qualities in his writing skills. He is able to write grammatically correct literature and at the same time place the right quantity of keywords to make the search engines of optimizing your site under them.

There is that much with what can be done to a site. The better option would be to have a blog parallel to you site. This helps to place that many keywords and also keep people out there informed of what your site is all about.

I have made a careful case study, that periodically posting on one’s blog helps tremendously and over the period of time your organic traffic begins to increase where one becomes less and less dependent on paid per click advertisement.  That is what most site owners do and also what makes them addicted to it to get traffic to their site. But in the long run, it becomes and expensive preposition and it cuts away at one’s profit.

It would be better I presume that one eventually drifts away from the paid for to get traffic and rely more on organic. But, for that to happen – I will say one last time that proper content is a must and for that to actually happen then you must get a freelance SEO content writer who knows the job of making it happen.

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Steven William Pitts

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