Monday, October 14, 2013

Riding for Health

What would you do if you would like to become healthier than you already are? I believe that you would go to the gym. Going to the gym would be spending money and who is to know if you actually get what you came for. The best option is riding for health.

When I mean riding for health, mean to say riding your bicycle for health. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and I have known people to live till a hundred and beyond, still riding in health. This is the reason why most European and now some developed Asian countries have made special privileges for its citizens to cycle to their destination with being bullied by other motorist. In the forefront of it all is Germany. You might ask why?

First of all, I must tell you that the people are logical and understand the value of health on their work and productivity of themselves and their country. It happens to be one of the most prospering economies in the European Union and that of the world.

In contrast the American, which I must sadly say are being mimicked by most of the developing economies and under-developed economises, prefer to use motorised modes of transportation. The resultant is the dependency on medical aid. Medicine might allow those who have the money to live longer but longer does not mean a qualitative life.

Sadly, mimicking a pattern of life which is not congenial to healthy living cause much sorry in those country where people are dependent of the government for health. This is the case in Nepal. There is a craze for every youth to own a motorcycle, if not a car. Statics show the rise in heart disease among the youth living in the city.

When one begins to be associate with the big boy’s toys, there is a also a change in life style where it becomes sedentary in most. But to the contrary those who ride cycles, do so because the understand the value of it both in pocket and on health. So it is obvious, why no statics show those who ride cycles suffering from the rich man’s disease in Nepal.

Cars and motorcycles not only cost money to buy them, they also cost money life long to maintain them. More over just as a cyclist becomes an addict to is cycle, those motorist become addicted to it. So much so when some goes wrong and they cannot use it. They find it difficult to walk to their destination. This is not the same as being addicted to riding a cycle for health. Further more, the additional cost comes in having to constantly pay to live as your health takes a turn for the worst and you become and addict to the doctor and the drugs to live on.

Living on without value, fear and how am I going to pay for the bills of medication. The is the scenario in most case. But it is hardly heard of in a cyclist. Sadly most who once rode a cycle no longer love to do so. This specially true in those countries like Nepal. It is associated with depravity and poverty. That has been bleached into their general mind of the people here. They will listen to no logic associate with it  but bring in illogical rationality.

No one wants to be taken as being poor. This quality shows not that a person is actually poor, but poverty is their in his mind mentally. They do not think riding for health is essential but causing ill-health with their vehicles for themselves and those around is not a problem. It should be left to someone else to clean up.

I believe that riding for health, is the only solution to keep a pocket healthy, the body healthy and the spirit and souls health. If not your logic is damned for hell.

Steven William Pitts

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