Monday, October 14, 2013

Infringement of the Mind

Writing quality literature is a form of art which needs the creative skills of a writer. This does not come that easily as it is a mixture of different elements. The first and foremost is thought but thought comes about by words and them in the proper order which must be legible to the human mind of the recipient.

The infringement of the mind does not allow this to happen. That is why those who write what we call quality, have or had done so in a atmosphere of peace. They require peace of mind and that comes from an ambience of solitude.

Noise is an element which is one element which has caused this infringement in the modern word. This is the primary reason why we do not have that many qualitative writers as we had in the past. There thought is limited and is made to drift away from the theme which they consider writing about.

To write quality one must be under stress and if you want that to happen then you must actually be a rich person where you can go away into a hide out. This is the primary reason when an author makes a break through, he goes into a rustic environment away from the maddening civilization and lives in hibernation just like a winter frog.

He gets the peace of mind and is not disturbed by noise which is so familiar in city and town living. Here he is able to imagine circumstances and scenes with words and how things could happen. I bet the poets, play writers and authors of the past had that serenity and thus was able to dish out the astonishing literature that they did.

I need not allude very far into the past. JK Rowling, when she made her first strike at fame bought herself property away from the city and where people could not get easy access to her. It was not that she was proud of her new found fame but she wanted to go on dishing out book after book. That is what she did and she will only tell you the truth. The mind needs quietness to be creative. The elements of modern living does precisely the opposite.

A thinking man does not need noise, for noise disturbs the process of thought. If thought is constantly broken by noise, it cannot go in the correct direction. As a freelance SEO writer, I know this for a fact. I am not able to write till that level of quality that I like to as there is a constant infringement of the mind by noise, but this is not the same – deep into the night as the stillness sleep takes over the noise mongers who want to read beautiful writing but does not know how it is actually created.

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