Monday, October 14, 2013

Cycling for Health

Cycling for health is something I consider very important in life. This is specially true as I pertain to be a freelance SEO content writer and as any writer knows the quality of his writing all depends on his mental state. Living in this modern world does not give one the luxurious of it. In fact as one goes older, modern living degenerates it.

This is specially true in the capital city of Nepal, which I must say is one of the most highly polluted cities of the world. There is sound pollution, light pollution, water pollution and air pollution. So it is obvious that living in this city has a repercussion on the health of not only me but also those of others. But, unfortunately most do not want to give up their sedentary life styles. You cannot fight against the masses to change their way of living. The best one can do is combat it in their own way.

This is how I go about fighting it and it has not let me down. I call it cycling for health. You might be wondering whether I am a bit potty cycling in a polluted city. Yes, I do as I do not want to be a part and parcel of the others in polluting the already highly polluted city.

But, I make it a point of business to cycle each morning not in the city but to the out-skirts of the city. Fortunately, there are such places left in the perimeters of the city which have not been touched by the land mafias. This is due to the fact that they are under the protection of the Nepalese army. There are the last bastions of verdure left around the city which helps tremendously in sinking the pollution.

I take the ride each morning to these outskirts and leave this scrupulous civilization and I am rewarded by a non stop climb up to the summit which is more than ten kilometres. Here I am surrounding by the greenery of the forest and not a soul in sight.

This is a heaven send. I now have to climb non stop more than ten kilometres up hill. This good as now my legs have to push away incessantly at the peddles and my arms have to pull away at the handle bar of my bicycle. This causes me to breath more which I gladly welcome. The air here has been detoxified of the pollutants and I am breathing in fresh air. I am sweating like a dog however cold it might be. This is good all because I am cleaning my body of the toxins the polluted city has given me.

Most of all it has cleared my mind and has made it fresh as an organic cucumber. I am able to think with a mind that is made for thinking. Climbing non stop has its pain and torment on the muscles and the body, but that is borne by the fact that I am in the greenery of nature and the wonders of it which takes the mind off the agony. Having reached the summit, makes your spiritually new. You feel as if you have beaten all odds and you have battled against your inner self.

It is back home again, and the place is so comforting and the peace that one gets wants me to remain their forever. But sadly, I have obligation in life which I need to fulfil. I head back down with a trill of speeds which brings back the shadows of childhood memories where speed was all that we aspired for. It made us feel as if we were soaring into the sky – we were flying.

Unfortunately, this is a feeling of nostalgia as it is gone too fast and I am back to civilization. But, now I have got the panache and presence of mind to combat it as I am born anew. I am able to write as I have never written before.

I cycle for health, and I am fortunate that their are a few bastion of sanity left in which to do it.

Steven William Pitts

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