Monday, October 14, 2013

IELTS in Kathmandu

Looking for IELTS in Kathmandu, well then you are in luck to here all about it from an experience IELTS teacher who has long been peddling his expertise as one in the city of Kathmandu. But sadly do to the nature of the those institutes out there he is associate with none.

Since my primary occupation is not teaching presently, but that of a writing as a freelance SEO content writer, I still profuse my skills at teaching IELTS in Kathmandu, only to those who require it in earnest and when I find that your are the person who is going to make me proud of achieving success, then I open my humble home to prepare your.

You can get in touch with me via the contact form on this page and if I find that you are one of those genuine ones, I shall get in touch with you. This is all left up to my personal discretion.

Now I shall touch upon the matter as to why it is so that there is such a demand for IELTS in Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal.

Since the beginning of political which seems to have no end in sight, the economic side of the country has gone into deterioration while there is progress in the rest of the world. This has left all with the thought that they need to live better lives but to live better lives, one needs to have jobs to pay for the comforts of life, which sadly is non-existent in Nepal and the few which are there  only causes exploitation to the working class.

So there are two classes of migrants – one who go to the gulf countries and the others which have passed out of the ten plus two to the better paying countries such as the developed ones. Most of the developed ones are the English speaking countries who allow workers if they do not have them themselves. So the next best option is to go in as a student study and work and make life worth living.

It is an interesting fact that these countries want these students from other countries as they help the economy to boom provide they can pay for their stay and study. But at the same time they want those students that can communicate in the language itself.

Since the demand to go abroad is in such high demand – so has the demand for IELT in Kathmandu risen along with the many scrupulous so called consultancies. They to all in their best to channelize you to the college or university in their books so that they get a cut out of it.

They will give you practically every thing free along the way and make documents too. It is a roaring business in Kathmandu. But none of them will sit down to tell you the truth of life in those countries. You do not get the work you aspire for. You are worked off like a dog and have to make ends meet to help your parents back home to pay back the mortgage.

Sadly that is the way of life back there so there are playing with your life which only makes them interested in the wealth that they can accumulate from you.

But if you are still the one ready to bear all the consequences of living and studying the English speaking countries then IELTS is a Must. So getting the proper teacher for IELTS in Kathmandu would be the stepping stone in that direction.

If you want to prepare under my guidance, there is no guarantee that I will accept you, and if I do after a long screening test, then you should be ready to pay the sum of NRS 8,000 for a one month preparation class which would be only in the evening hours.

Steven William Pitts

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