Monday, October 14, 2013

Environmental Damage

The news which is being send out broad and wide on the different climatic phenomenon only point in one direction – environmental damage.

This October, the news is not filled much with nations pitted against each other or another terrorist attack but that of the different category storms to leash hell on human civilization. There was first the ones to hit Mexico, then it is cyclone Phallin which hit the eastern coast of India and we are getting the aftermath of it here in Nepal to spoil the beautiful autumn sunshine. Then there is cyclone Nari which swept through the Philippines and now on its way to Indonesia to continue with it leash of terror. Before the year 2013 ends, I do not know of how many more of these would we hear of.

Have you sat a moment to contemplate as to why this is happening on a broader scale with an increase in intensity? I could only point to one factor, which is environmental damage which has been cause by no one else but we human beings.

I am no scientist or ecological expert but a plain simple freelance SEO content writer, but I know one thing for sure that we as humans are in great part responsible for the making of it. We have altered the natural ecological and biodiversity of our earth to that extent where nature is trying to do the repair work.

All along human civilization humanity has lived in relative harmony with the ecosystem. But the advances in science and technology and commerce has brought humanity closer and and economies are so dependent that if one country sneezes there is a ripple down effect to the others.

To satiate the thirst of the great economic boom, and to make the multinational companies flourish, the earth has been over exploited of its resources and further polluted to make repair irreparable. Humans have just stirred up the hornet’s nest and cannot put the hornets back into it.

What we are seeing at the moment is that nature is trying to get rid of those pest that have constantly played with her good nature, just as the hornets would do if you constantly disturb her nest. There is no force on earth that can stop the terror, in which we have responsible for, that earth has begun to serve us. It is only going to grow as time passes by, till be come to a point where we the human hindrances will have been wiped out from the surface of this earth.

It will only be then when earth will start all over again to repair the damage which we have done to here without us there. This is because we as humans are not satisfied with the small mercies which has given us. We are the only animals on this earth that are discontent with what we have.

We cut down forest to build our concrete jungles. We cut down forest to mine and built factories which pollute the atmosphere. We change the land form to suit our way of life. We take more pleasure in the creation of our mind rather than in the beauty that earth creates.

Our rivers have either gone dry or those which flow are so toxic, that mass amounts of energy go into purifying the water for human consumption leading to the vicious cycle of them being polluted again. We have bored the earth to get the toxin which earth has safely trapped in her bosom just to release it into the atmosphere by our factories and the different modes of transportation where we the humans are so proud to own them but not proud enough to save her by riding a bicycle.

Environmental damage has already been done and we the proud all brainy human animal is not going to back away from it. I believe many religious text of all religions tell of the consequence, but it is the hypocritical nature to use religion to serve his own mood. I am on religious person, but the only religion I believe in is that we should love earth for she is the god of humanity and it is same as the religious text tell us that if we play too much with the sentiments of god, he will destroy us. So it is totally true that we are playing with the sentiments of the earth which in sense is the true living god that has nurtured us for this long time and now it has come for her turn to punish we brainy humans for our evil deeds.

It is time to fall on our knees and ask her for her forgiveness and most probably the impact of the suffering to come will lessen in intensity. The ball is in our court and which ever direction we want to hit it is all left in our hands. Environmental damage is something we can play around with much too long.

Steven William Pitts

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