Monday, September 30, 2013


Where people are allowed to get away with the wrongs they do for who they are, is what one can call impunity. This is the state which prevails in the country in which I live. This is the very reason, that puts a wedge in the overall progress of the country in which I live presently. It also deprives one of his rights to exists as a proper human.
This is practically true in every walk of life. Because of this, the country is only managing to move ahead slowly from the money pouring in in ways of donations and remittance from the people who go off to work in foreign lands.
Employment is scarce and the lucky few can make money to live comfortably. Some big service providers who hire people specially in the hospitality sector do not pay their staff humanely and way out of time. People cling onto their jobs all because they know that if they do not keep what they have got, there is very slim chances of getting anything better.
You will find it a common sight of people protesting in front of their work places in order to get their payments, which the owner uses some form of trick to close down the work place on one pretext or the other. He may try to sell it off to another after he has made hands down. He is neither penalized or caught for robbing his workers of their money. He lives a much better than an affluent life.
Most of these people who work have to live, that is another story all together. To get somewhere to live is way out of the means of these poor unfortunate people – the rent is about three or four months wages. The best part of it is that most of them do not pay taxes for making wealth. It seems like they get away by robbing people. The government does nothing
Most people who do not own their own houses, have to live in a single room packed to the brim with their family members. While the lords of the house live in heaven coming down to earth to collect their monthly rent. They do not do a stitch of work or have privileged government jobs where they are the most vernal only adding to their monthly wealth.
You are not only fleeced by the landlords whose children go to the best of schools and flaunt the best of life, but also by the taxes, the shop keepers and the government offices if you go to get any official work done. The police in the land are no better. They do not have a sense of justice or they do not know the tentative of the law. For you to get proper justice you most be someone more better than the next.
Political parties and their leaders are only fit for giving speeches and turning and twisting and keeping the country in a state of stalemate. This is because they get the opportunity to get state privileges which the commoners have to make do with pittance of power supply, water and fuel. They are not deprived of such amenities.
If you are no one and try to fight for your right, then you are sadly mistaken. It is you who would fall into more hot water and having anything achieved from your crusade. So it is better to keep mum.
The only ones who are punished for their sins however small they may be are the no ones. The big fries can get away with murder and still have the ability to walk the face of the earth as a freeman.
It is a bad idea to speak out your heart against such things, you may land up with broken limbs or even in prison. What is made out in the media is just a sham as they with the permission of the government want to show the international community that they are up to cleaning the country.
In this regards, some international community organisation along with their foreign counterparts are making hands down. Such organisation like the UNDP and others get vast amounts of funds to uplift the lives of the poor in the country but in very rare cases do even one percent reach the intended people. The rest goes into their pockets and for living an affluent life in this country.
You may actually see a surprisingly developed city. Unfortunately this development is no development at all as it has come through channels of bribery or from the remittance of foreign workers. The vast amount of the money that comes in, goes out to keep them alive in their affluent lives of moving around in cars and living in expensive flats.
It is sad but true Nepal is moving in totally a direction where those in places are not made countable for their action and live a life of impunity while the unfortunate masses have to live a damned lives. This is totally true as I have seen and felt it with my own eyes. It is time that those are made accountable by the human rights bodies not in the country but from abroad.
William Pitts
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