Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Secular are We

This article had come about to the necessity of showing the world or asking it the question as to “How secular are we, those country where the larger section of the people are are of one religion and it is a secular country?”
Many countries adopt secularism, which in most cases, is to be in line with those countries that have already adopted it in the past or in order to appease those countries who happen to be their masters. But it this is adopted into their constitution, is it truly followed to the core. In 99% of the cases, I have seen and felt it with my own two eyes. I can only say one thing – that is a propaganda of appeasement.
One section of society which happens to be in the majority does as it pleases in the name of religion whilst the next tries to do the same. The law is called in to taken action on pretext or the other. In most cases it will be disturbance. One can disturb the atmosphere in the name of religious activities all because he happens to be in the larger number but when the other does the same in the name of religion he is persecuted. Is this not ambiguity.
This shows only one thing. That is law of the land is impartial towards one religion. Activities of any religion as a whole should not disturb other’s harmony irrespective of which religion it may come from. In a secular country no religion is given preferential treated. It does not have the right to disturb as a whole. For in the true sense, the please of practising your religious rights even if in the majority can cause harm to even a single person who happens to be from another. It destroys his harmony.
This is what happens in those places where one happens to be from another religion where the major religion practises and activity and allows the cacophony of it to blare late into the night. It may not seem to be an infringement into the harmony of most as they may take it as normal but yes, it is surely infringing upon the harmony of another who does not happen to be from the religious sect.
In most cause, the law of the land will neither take action against those for infringement of a person’s harmony. But if that person does the same thing in the name of religious rights – he will be culpable of wrongful deeds. The ambiguity of how secularism is practised.
I have in some case have had my peace of mind disturbed late into the early morning with these religious practises of the majority religion and could do a damn about it. Only to bear the blunt of an agonising night and the next day due to sleep deprivation. Living in a secular country, I was neither compensation for the biasness of this attitude which was perpetuated on me and my harmony.
So thinking that you are living in a secular country. You first need to check if it is truly secular in action deeds or just a gimmick to show the rest of the secular world, that I am secular for the sake of the name.
William Pitts
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