Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Freedom of Speech

Such a mockery is made with the issue of what is called in the civilized world as “The Freedom of Speech”. So much so at times it cannot be called so. This can be taken as a hypocritical attitude which persists in man and more so ever in the Governments around the world.

Since, all people are a part of society, they behaviour has an impact on the other walks of society. So the big question which comes to mind can’t their behaviour in society be put under scrutiny? I bet yes, for those who take freedom of expression their own way. That is if the cap suits them.

That has been the case where I live at the moment. A journalist in the country in which I live, which I must say, has in its constitution given the people the freedom of expression and to get news from people who want to express it, been arrested for cyber crimes. Since the news he impart as his right came from an online news portal his company ran.

What was this news? It was news talking of a female government college in Kathmandu where beside educational activities other scrupulous and sensualist activities were being performed. Besides it is a common knowledge that the women from that college were involved in immoral activities to sustain themselves.

In the first place, it is a government entity and any thing that belongs to the government is public property. It falls under the scanner and can be expressed about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. People have the right to be informed with those place where their money is being spent.

The clandestine manner in which those poor journalist were arrested under another act which in no way had relation to what they did – that is expression their views on public wrongs, can be taken both as a dereliction of duty on the law enforcing agencies plus a pressure from certain section of society which in whatever way have neither moral nor legal rights to do so.

From this we come to an understanding that what is called freedom of expression or speech. Even under circumstances where a person has full legal as under the constitution their live, is stifled under one pretext or the other. When wrong is done in a public entity and it is under the money paid for the by the general people. The people have all rights know of any activities that are going on.

For this infringement of the freedom of expression by the arrest of those journalist, action should be taken against those who perpetuated this injustice on those people or amend cannot be made and the freedom of expression is just a sham in Nepal where it is done more to appease the international community rather than in being in truth.

William Pitts   

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