Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bête noire

In life every thing is not got for anything. It is the human tendency to avoid what he is not comfortable with for a number of apparent reasons, some of which can be that he has an apathy to the looks of the person, the person may not be in his league or some disfigurement in life could have made him to appear demoniacal outwardly but inwardly having a heart of gold.
Bête noire a French word, but widely used in English to state that a certain thing or person is particularly detested and avoid. What can made a thing or person be either detested or avoided? The only sensible ratiocination that comes to my mind that is that he or it is an apathetic thing or person to be shunned or so badly disliked for make it or him a substance of avoidance.
Those that live in the main stream of society, have the comfort of being accepted by someone or the other, so they neither feel alienated nor ostracized; they have love and a place to call a home. The home is only a home till one finds it a bastion of love and security and fear of the road is ameliorated and eliminated once he is within its four walls, if else it is just a house. A man that is a main stream of society, can pick up the phone and call friends that do not believe him to be bête noire, where he can share his feelings of anguish or invite out for what ever reason whether it is accepted or, will in most cases be politely refused for some apparent reason.
The one that is the bête noire is there, all because you have made the loathing object where if you had your way, would like to eradicate and annihilate from the surface of this beautiful planet all because scares the very look of it and makes it uglier. He is the bête noire all because you have made him it. But, is he a bête noire in the humanistic sense, no for what can be your rationality to it, is not what is his rationality to it. He is the fallacious misfortunate person or thing that happened to be created in such a form that does not seem appealing to most except in the place where he might call a home if in your eyes, he does have one to call.
To expatiate the logic that this topic seems to be getting at, it is the flagrant attitude that most humans have in a sense of a comfortable suitable milieu that makes him immune to things that he should loather. The reason of sense seems not to make it compatible. This avid attitude needs to be changed in human behaviour, if the world is to move forward and progress a collective human civilization. The salient features of which should start from the very fundamentals of upbringing.
We are taught to believe that the world is full of pretty things only and the things that are not, are not meant to be there in the first place and if we get ride of them, then the world would be better and prettier still. Here is a moment to ponder over a thought; if the bête noire is an object to be ride off, then is it not that we fall in the same category in his eyes? We begin to take the very shape that we have projected him in his eyes and it becomes his that we ought to be rid off as we are the ugly person that has made this beautiful world of his uglier.
This apparent logic has not found place in the heart of many main main stream people that they are the virulent cause of the bête noire being their in the first place and for the very suffering that is caused to them. The alienation and the ostracizing of humans give vent to more problems in society as all love to be taken as human as it is only human nature to be loved so that love can be returned.
Steven William Pitts 
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