Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hello and welcome to the my personal blog site,
I am Steven William Pitts, the writer, the teacher, the philosopher, the cyclists, the learner, the adventurer, the Jack at all trades but the master at none. What ever, it is I am, I am an English language teacher here in Nepal which is my first trade professionally after which I like to write and so I have taken to my next trade that is blogging and writer content in English for web sites as a freelancer. Besides all the above mentioned traits that I may or may not be adroit in, I have taken to another passion which is making webs sites, that is trying to create and host them.
This new passion of mine began in small ways which lead to know more and more, till I finally began to learn server side scripting language such as PHP which I must say that I am still a callow in. With the numerous sites that I have constructed, and hosted on the internet to me on to another road- you know how one road leads to another. This one was to make my sites stand out in rankings in the different search engines. This, in the internet jargon is called optimisation. I shall be elucidating you on what precisely this is.
If people are looking for something they have on their mind and if they do not have the address of a particular web address, the they use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or the countless others available, to type in the the information that takes them to a set of links with a summary of what each web site may hold in it. This comes out in a set of ten. Here, it is imperative to understand that more than 95% of people use the search engines to look up for information. What they type into the search engines are know as key words. Now there are thousand and one web site using those key words if not millions. So for your site to stand and chance in it coming out in the first ten, is a fractional % of a chance, which if you think that it is futile to get traffic from the web by chance. It may seem a totally impossible job.
It may seem impossible but if you know the technique then the impossible can be made possible. The content of what you write makes all the difference for your site to get an appreciable standing. The whole study of it and all the nitty-gritty things involved in it is called optimisation.
Since the content of it places such a vital role in getting your site a proper rank, it would be advisable to get a content writer who is strong in the language and has the ability to play around with words. The reason why, is because, when search engines send out their crawlers the crawlers accumulate all the key words which are basically the nouns; both proper and common, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and indexes the in a certain order. This is basically done every four months. All these key words are stored in their database and when a query is requested which I may warn you is in the order of thousands per second, if not much more, a scrabble is done to dish them out to the requestors browser.
Why is this so important, you may ask? It is important for numerous reasons unless you pockets are heavy with cash and you can get paid advertisement which can run into the thousands. You would not care for this if you are running some charitable organisation but if your site is a launching pad for some product, then you would never as many hits for your sales to increase. Getting a content writer will fall far cheaper than year after of having to pay for traffic and there are many out there that play into this craving for traffic.
How could be help you in this regards or I? Well, I could write out the content for you as per your requisite with the barest of outlines that you may give. The rest is the research we do. To know more please contact me through either of the three way below.
Steven William Pitts.
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