Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Purpose of a Blog Post

We all must have heard of the blog post, but do we really know how it can help us in making our site do better and if we are into ecommerce where we need to widely get ourselves known to the wider world. They can help us tremendously to reach out to a broader spectrum provided we get it right.

What are actually blogs in the first place? The term blog is actually the shorten form weblog that means, a log of what we do get on the web for other to see obviously. It was eventually shortened to have “b” remaining from the web with log. Now, a blog or weblog does more than initially what it was meant for. It was build on the bases of content management system and it stills works in pretty much the same way.

The main purpose of a blog is to actually place articles known as post practically for any reason on any topic which we have in mind, so that if people who know us or are interested in our doings would read and get an inkling of what we are about. The sky is only the limit when it comes to what we want to post. But, in what why could a post of a blog help us?

It could in a number of way, specially if we are trying to optimize our sites. We optimize our sites all because if we fall in the first pages on any given search engine query, then we get more traffic. There is that much that can be done while it comes to optimizing our sites with content and other ways. We cannot add on content to our sites to help in increasing the written content so vital for search engines to actually recognize us. The next best way in doing that is using a blog associated with out site or an extended part of it.

Once we have this extended part which is known as a blog, we can put as much as content up in them under our own web address. This helps to increase the index value of our site in overall. When the overall value of our index increase, there are chances that our page ranking will as well over time.

You might be wondering how does a blog does it for some and at the same time does not help others. This is because some have the belief that by placing articles on one’s site it is going to help him in increasing his site’s value. Then you are completely wrong. The post written should first of all be associated with the content of your site and secondly, it should be interesting for people to read. An most importantly of all, is that each post acts as a page itself which get optimized under specific keywords. Most of the time it is under long tail keywords. If people read the post and are interested in it, they will most of the time want to visit your site to see what it is all about.

These visits are noticed by the search engines which measures the traffic with their complicated algorithms and in the slow process move you forward both in page ranking as well as you overall indexing.

The more post that you have associated with your site gives you a plethora of keywords in your post, that would be spread over a wide area of interest. A few visits from this post and a few visits from other post all add up to be many visits from all the post and as the post keep on growing, your trickle becomes a flow. This is the flow of traffic.

This way of optimizing one’s site is called organic optimization and in no way can be detrimental to your site. It is just in a matter of time you use your post to work wonders for your site. Besides this, they could be other reasons why people place post, like informing the world of their exploits but what ever reason it may be. It means in one way or the other they are looking for some benefit directly or indirectly.

Yes, using this approach means, that it is going to consume a large part of your time. With a little bit of money paid out, you could get a freelance writer to write post for site’s blog which will do as well.

Do not over look the wonders of a blog and its post in optimizing your site as it pretty cheaper than other means as well. All, you need are the right post to get you ecommerce success.

Steven William Pitts

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